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How to care for azaleas

Written by Holly Hughes on January 06, 2022 Azaleas – bright and vibrant in shades of purple, pink, orange, and yellow – sometimes get a bad reputation as being difficult plants...

05 January 2022

Four of the Best Friendship Flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on January 03, 2022 Just as there are all kinds of friends, there is also a glorious range of flowers that symbolize friendship. With so many occasions...

02 January 2022

The Symbolism of Japanese Flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on January 02, 2022 There are few countries whose love of flowers and belief in their powers of communication have become so entwined with their national identity...

01 January 2022

The Hidden Meaning of Purple Flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on December 31, 2021 Ever since the Victorian era and even long before, the color of flowers has carried a magic symbolism and none more so than...

30 December 2021