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Everything you need to know about graduation flowers

Written by Hannah Kingston on July 6, 2021  ​​​​​​Best places to buy graduation flowers Graduation flowers are a wonderful way to say congratulations to the people you love. Graduation marks...

05 July 2021

Free Flower Delivery: Can you get flowers delivered without a delivery fee?

Written by Andrea Pintoon June 29, 2021  Let’s be honest: we all hate paying for deliveries. If we find an article that costs $25 with free shipping, and an alternative...

28 June 2021

How to preserve flowers, 7 methods

Written by Hannah Kingston on June 29, 2021  Wondering how to preserve flowers? Sometimes it’s too hard to say goodbye to a lovely bouquet of blooms. The good news is...

21 June 2021

Local Flower Delivery: Here's how to support your community

Written by Andrea Pinto  on June 17, 2021 The first reason why we should all be supporting our local florists goes without saying: it helps small businesses, well, stay in...

16 June 2021