The Best Online Snake Plant Delivery

The Best Online Snake Plant Delivery

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Snake Plants (also known as Sansevieria) should definitely be at the top of any plant lover’s delivery wish-list. Reported by NASA to be one of the best air-purifying plants, a Snake Plant delivery can transform your working, living, or sleeping space by removing harmful chemicals and impurities from the air while adding a refreshing touch of greenery to a room.

Why should you choose a Snake Plant delivery?

Still not convinced why a Snake Plant gift delivery, whether for yourself or a loved one, is the ultimate treat? Let us convince you. Aside from their striking leaves that come in variegated colors and dramatic, snake-like formations, Snake Plants are a wonderful delivery to your home due to their oxygen-producing properties.

Snake Plants produce oxygen at night – lots of it, in fact – which improves the air quality of bedrooms and thus can have a positive impact on our sleep patterns and quality. Research has shown that increased humidity levels in the bedroom and poor air quality affect our sleep quality. Snake Plants combat both of these issues with their large, toxin-absorbent leaves and cleansing qualities.

snake plants can improve sleep quality

Best of all, Snake Plants are quite low-maintenance, meaning they can survive in more temperamental conditions with minimal attention. Just remember that these shrubs are toxic to pets so are best to avoid if you share your home with furry friends. Don’t worry though, advice on the best pet-friendly plant deliveries can be found here!

Offering so many benefits with very little demands, is it any wonder Snake Plants are one of the most popular delivery options on most online garden stores? To discover the benefits of adding this shrub to your indoor garden collection, here’s the best places to order a Snake Plant online delivery.


Easyplant - the delivery service that promises to make houseplant care even easier with its self-watering pots - has a variety of Snake Plants available for delivery. Choose a petite and adorable green Snake Plant complete with a self-watering pot or add more color to your home with a variegated golden Snake Plant in its own stand. 

Like other delivery providers we will mention below, Easyplant caters for every living space and budget by offering a range of sizing and payment options. Snake Plants range from small ($49) to large ($189) in size and can be paid for using all major credit cards or an installment plan with Shop Pay.

Better yet, Easyplant takes the hassle out of organizing houseplant deliveries by curating special collections of shrubbery to perfectly accent your home with some tropical greenery. So, if you want to enjoy the air-purifying benefits of a Snake Plant alongside other show-stopping beauties, browse Easyplants collections where Snake Plants regularly feature.

For more, read our Easyplant review here.


Delivery specialists LivelyRoot also offer a selection of variegated Snake Plants for home delivery. With over a century of horticultural experience as growers, retailers and ornamental growers, you know your live Snake Plant delivery will be in the very best hands with LivelyRoots.

LivelyRoots knows that it can be difficult to choose the perfect shrub from the many Snake Plant varieties out there. That’s why they sell Variegated Laurentii Snake Plants for delivery as these aren’t just the most common variety, they’re also the easiest to care for. Surviving in all sorts of conditions and resilient enough to be neglected (and then remembered) LivelyRoots selection of Laurentii snakes range in size from S to XL, with overall size varying from  10” to 11” W 18” to 28” H. 

Snake Plants

We love that you can also choose the pot or basket for your Snake Plant. LivelyRoot provides a range of pot styles and colors including either grower or ceramic planters, eco pots, or wicker baskets.

Prices start at $38 for a Small Snake Plant and go up to $118 for an XL jaw dropper. Standard delivery takes at least 4-7 business days + fulfillment and is free for any customer who spends over $48 on a delivery order!

For more information about LivelyRoot, read our comprehensive breakdown here.

For even more choice, browse the Snake Plant selection at which offers smaller varieties as well as large floor plant options. Snake Plants for delivery at only come in Medium ($67.99) or Large ($137.99) sizing so if it’s a dramatic attention-grabber you’re looking for, you can be sure to find it by choosing this delivery provider. accessories also make this a great delivery service to consider. With a range of planter and pot options available, really is a one-stop delivery shop that ensures you can give or receive a stunning gift that is well-packaged and beautifully potted. Choose from artisan baskets hand-woven from banana leaves or earthy pots in warm shades complete with collapsible wooden stands. accepts all major credit cards when placing your delivery order and aims to have your delivery at your door in 2-4 business days with standard delivery. It’s worth bearing in mind that free delivery is available for all orders over $100 - the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a large and stunning Snake Plant to complete your home!

Read the full review of delivery options here.

There you have it! Three of the best online delivery stores ready and waiting to help you fall in love with the medicinal, magical, and low-maintenance wonder of Snake Plants! Transform your home, sleep patterns and more by ordering one of these beauties today!

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