The Best Pet-Friendly Houseplants

The Best Pet-Friendly Houseplants

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We tend to adopt plants and animals for very similar reasons: they boost our mood, give us ample amounts of vigor and energy, and brighten up our homes and lives. However, plants and animals aren’t always compatible with each other. In fact, many shrubs are not safe for animals at all, containing toxic elements that can actually harm your beloved pet.

Luckily, there are many well-documented animal-friendly house plants out there that will keep you safe from having to choose between being a plant parent, cat mum, or dog dad. If you’d like to introduce some pet safe plants into your home, or perhaps are considering getting a dog or cat and want to check if your space is safe for them, this article is here to help.

Here’s just some of the houseplants safe for dogs and cats and our recommendations on where to buy them.

What are the best safe indoor plants for pets?

First of all, the list of indoor plants that are safe for pets is a long one and can be easily found on the ASPCA website so if you are concerned about finding non-toxic and safe greenery be sure to check out their guide first. 

For example, bamboo, orchids, money trees, and succulents are all not only fantastic houseplants, they are also non-toxic to dogs and cats. has an impressive selection of these plants – for just as impressive prices. Now onto some of our favorite – and most show-stopping pet safe houseplants!

succulents are pet-friendly

The best houseplants that are safe for dogs

We assume with all of the adventures dogs get up to outdoors that they would be safe from something as innocent as a houseplant. However, this isn’t the case and it’s vital for your pets wellbeing that you are aware of what shrubs are not safe to have around your beloved canine.

For example, beautiful plants such as Devils Ivy, Peace Lily and Sago Palm are all toxic to not just your dog but all indoor pets and so should be kept off your coffee or dining tables to keep your furry friends safe. The good news is there’s even more shrubs that are safe for dogs and other indoor animals. 


Also known as “air plants,” tillandsia are one of the best safe and pet-friendly indoor decorations. What makes them a specifically safe option for dogs is that, due to the fact they’re better displayed in hanging glass bulbs or indeed any installation off the ground, this air plant will always be safe out of reach from a curious paw. On top of this, tillandsia are gorgeously decorative and can be displayed almost anywhere using any number of interesting materials.

Spider Plant

Another fantastic dog-safe option is the ribboned foliage of a spider plant. Again, this option makes for a great hanging installation which removes all danger of a dog being able to get at it (and dig up its precious roots). Just like Tillandsia, spider plants are non-toxic, incredibly low-maintenance and able to tolerate many different environmental conditions, and offer stunning and dramatic foliage to boot!

Find your ideal spider plant at

The best cat friendly indoor plants

Trying to keep your cats safe from toxic greenery can feel even trickier than keeping a dog safe. This is often because, as curious as dogs are, they don’t possess the climbing ability of cats and so simply positioning the plants high off the ground or choosing air or hanging plants will solve any potential safety issues.

cat-safe plants

For cats, the perpetual climbers, it isn’t so easy to keep them safe. Innately curious and agile, cats get into all sorts of spaces and are fascinated by the foliage and mystery of many indoor houseplants. Finding hanging indoor plants safe for cats can feel tricky as even a hanging basket isn’t enough to deter these crafty pets and keep them safe.

Therefore, finding plants that are not harmful to cats and will keep even the most mischievous feline safe is imperative.

While most of the plants mentioned above are already some of the best non-toxic plants for cats, here’s some more specific options when it comes to finding cat-safe shrubs for your home.

Given that our feline friends have a tendency to find their way into every room in the house, we thought it important to give some of the best low-light cat safe houseplants, as it is often in low-light rooms where cats can get into the most mischief. Of course, check out theASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants for cats for a complete and comprehensive breakdown.

Boston Ferns

Surviving in dark and cool areas, Boston ferns are the perfect bathroom plants safe for cats. Thriving in humidity, these plants will do well in a low-lit bathroom or indeed any room once they’re given a nice misting once or twice a week.

Resilient, exotic, and dramatic, Boston ferns are likely to grab the attention of any pet with a playful nature. However, when it comes to your cat or other pets, you don’t need to worry – they’ll be safe to swipe, chew, and investigate this leafy delight.

African violet

For some luscious color in rich purples or heady pinks, the African violet is one of the best choices for a low-light, pet-safe houseplant. It does best in moderate temperatures and some humidity but most importantly is another plant you can use to brighten up a darker part of the house.

What are the most low-maintenance pet safe plants?

While many of the above plants are not only pet-safe but also low-maintenance and easy to care for, for true ease and minimal effort, it has to be the pet-safe plant collections at Easyplant. Easyplant has self-watering plants that come pre-potted with their own water reservoir system, ensuring a healthy and happy plant with very little input from you!

Easyplant has both individual and groups of animal safe house plants that can thrive in lots of different environments and require only a monthly top up of water. Indulge in their Nature’s Trifecta collection – a trio of unique, small, indoor pet friendly plants to elevate any space while keeping your furry friends safe. 

parlor palm plant

This collection includes the aforementioned money tree (a safe Easyplant bestseller), a small and safe Hoya Tri-color with variegations of pink and white on a waxy, forest green foliage and a compact Parlor Palm that is yet another centerpiece plant that requires little light to deliver absolute radiance.

Choosing an Easyplant pet-safe plant doesn’t just keep your animals safe. It also guarantees your plant remains safe from being under- or over-watered which, as any novice or experienced plant-lover will know, is often the cause of so many plant problems. What could be better?

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