Top 3 Best US Flower Subscription Services for 2023: A Detailed Review

Top 3 Best US Flower Subscription Services for 2023: A Detailed Review

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If you’re reading this guide, you probably already know the benefits of using a flower delivery subscription service and how these kinds of businesses operate (if you don’t, we recommend reading our comprehensive guide on flower subscriptions here).

The only remaining question is: which is the best US flower subscription service? With so many flower subscription comparisons and reviews online, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled our list of the top three flower subscriptions for gifts to either yourself or a loved one. 

Looking at everything from pricing to sustainability practices, website navigation and delivery fees, we’ve got a full rundown of flower subscription service ratings so, the next time you decide to treat yourself to a monthly installment of fresh, seasonal flowers, you know exactly where to go. Let’s get stuck in!

Flower Subscription BloomsyBox

Overview of BloomsyBox

BloomsyBox is a Florida-based company that is primarily known as being one of the best US flower subscription services available due to its farm-to-table approach that prioritizes seasonality and sustainability above all else. 

farm-fresh flowers

All flowers used by BloomsyBox are hand-picked and cut while still buds to ensure maximum freshness for when you receive them. These are uniquely arranged into weekly, fortnightly, or monthly subscription packages that guarantee the regular arrival of farm-fresh, seasonal blooms straight to your door.

Flower subscription service ratings describe BloomsyBox pricing as mid-range. Prices begin at $59.99 for the Bloomsy Original box (20 stems), going up to $69.99 for Bloomsy Deluxe (24 stems) and $79.99 for Bloomsy Premium (27 stems) packages.

Pros and Cons of BloomsyBox

Flower subscription reviews often cite BloomsyBox as one of the best flower subscriptions for gifts and looking at the pros of this service, it’s not hard to see why. 

BloomsyBox’s ‘farm-to-table’ approach cuts out the middleman to deliver the freshest buds straight to your door. The company also prioritizes sustainability and workers rights by only partnering with Rainforest Alliance certified farms. Another definite advantage that becomes clear during flower subscription comparisons is Bloomsybox’s impressive selection of subscription options. Unlike some competitors, BloomsyBox offers weekly, bi-weekly as well as monthly packages. Importantly, subscription customers can easily pause or skip their subscription without extra charge.

On the other hand, BloomsyBox doesn’t currently personalize subscription packages to individual requests. When making flower subscription comparisons, Bloomsybox has also been shown to be somewhat limited compared to other companies. Due to the seasonal operating method of BloomsyBox, the selection of bouquet options available varies month-to-month and is slightly more limited compared to other competitors.

Why BloomsyBox Made the List

However, the reason BloomsyBox is in our top flower delivery subscriptions list isn’t just the freshness of its flowers (although flower subscription reviews will often cite this). For us, BloomsyBox deserves to be recognized as one of the best monthly flower subscription companies due to its focus on sustainability and environmentalism.

Taking care of the planet and its people with sustainable practices and eco-friendly, plastic-free, and recyclable packaging, BloomsyBox is a fantastic present to yourself or a loved one as you know it can be a guilt-free, pleasure-filled experience. 

Flower Subscription The Bouqs

Overview of The Bouqs

Bouqs is a top flower delivery subscription service that aims to connect customers with eco-friendly flower farms that produce less waste, recycle water, and use sustainable growing practices.

Founded in 2012, this relatively new flower company is one for those looking for high-quality arrangements at affordable prices. Bouqs Co. offers monthly subscribers 30% off on all their arrangements. You also get free shipping when you subscribe to regular flower deliveries. 

Not only does this mean that you can enjoy fresh flowers arriving at your door every month, Bouqs Co. allows you to customize your bouquet as well as the date you receive it and even its recipient. This flexibility is rare and a definite bonus for anyone unsure about committing to a flower subscription.

Pros and Cons of The Bouqs

As mentioned and similar to flower subscription comparisons with BloomsyBox, Bouqs Co. takes a farm-to-table approach to ensure the freshest flowers coming directly from farms around the world. Customization is an important part of Bouqs Co.’s offering, allowing customers to personalize their bouquets and choose the date and recipient for each delivery. As other flower subscription reviews will tell you, this isn’t always possible!

Importantly, the website is easy to use and user-friendly methods of tracking orders are provided. Free delivery is also provided for subscription users.

Conversely, flower subscription reviews highlight that delivery times with this company are more limited than other companies, perhaps due to the fact that Bouqs isn’t as large as some competitors.

Why The Bouqs Made the List

Two things really stand out about Bouqs and make it one of the best US flower subscription services. The first is definitely its eco-friendly values and focus on freshness. The second is its flexibility, both in the ability for customers to customize bouquets and dates of delivery and to skip your subscription as often as you like. With so much adaptability to each customer’s needs, the Bouqs is undoubtedly one of the best monthly flower subscriptions available in 2023.  

flower subscriptions are affordable

Flower Subscription UrbanStems

Overview of UrbanStems

What makes UrbanStems one of the best subscription services in 2023 is the variety this company offers to every kind of customer. Their subscription packages are designed to suit every taste and budget, starting from a classic package of $55. This increases to a $75 curated offering of each season’s best flowers and finally the Luxe package which, at $105 monthly, delivers customers a premium bouquet with matching vase each month. 

Pros and Cons of UrbanStems

One small but lovely advantage that makes UrbanStems so favorable when making flower subscription comparisons, is the fact that customers get a free vase with their first purchase. 

Similar to BloomsyBox, UrbanStems offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly packages which is an added advantage that is often praised in flower subscription reviews. On top of this, UrbanStems allows customers to choose ongoing or prepaid plans. Ongoing plans give infinite flexibility with the chance to edit a plan at any time as well as pause or skip a month. Prepaid plans will save customers money every month and are perfect for gifting, making UrbanStems one of the best flower subscriptions for gifts.

On the downside, UrbanStems doesn’t have as much versatility or customization options when it comes to choosing your bouquet as competitors do. There’s also a risk of bouquet repetition after more than six deliveries. 

Why UrbanStems Made the List

UrbanStems are one of the best flower subscriptions in 2023 because of how easy they make gift-giving. With UrbanStems, you can select their popular 3-month subscriptions to give a loved one or even customize a subscription gift according to the frequency and duration you want. This is such a bonus to an already fantastic subscription service which is why we’ve included them in this list of the best US flower subscription services.


To sum up, whether it’s an ethically-sourced bouquet, a customized arrangement designed specifically for someone special, or an affordable subscription, these three companies have something for every flower lover. 

Check out each service and their different packages to find the perfect subscription for you and then look forward to fresh, lovingly-arranged flowers every month!

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