Comprehensive Guide to Flower Subscription Services: What You Need to Know

Comprehensive Guide to Flower Subscription Services: What You Need to Know

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Understanding Flower Subscriptions

What is a Flower Subscription?

A flower subscription is either a prepaid or ongoing service whereby you receive a regular delivery of flowers at a frequency of your choice. Typically, most flower subscription services offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly options, with monthly flower deliveries being the most popular.

How Do Flower Subscriptions Work?

How flower subscriptions operate is by taking away a lot of the work normally involved in ordering flowers by instead creating a simple sign-up and payment process that ensures you receive regular flower arrangements for a pre-appointed period of time. This could be monthly for six months, weekly for a year, or you could have a rolling subscription that renews every month until you choose to cancel it. 

Though the details of how each online flower delivery subscription works might be slightly different, here’s a basic step-by-step guide to signing up for monthly flower delivery.

  • On your chosen online flower delivery website you will find a dedicated flower subscription service page. Click on this to see the full range of subscription options available to you.
  • Choose the flower subscription box that best suits your needs. Normally, this means choosing a size (basic, deluxe, or premium) and a frequency of delivery (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).
  • Once you’ve selected your preferences, input your personal and payment details and a chosen date of delivery as you would an ordinary online flower delivery.
  • Look forward to having your chosen flower subscription arrive on the allotted day each month!

Advantages of Flower Subscriptions

Fresh Flowers All Year Round

One of the best things about flower subscription boxes is how much they prioritize seasonal blooms. While one-off arrangements are often tied to using particular flowers, the best flower subscriptions instead focus on seasonality, using their monthly flower deliveries to showcase the best flowers of the season. Not only does this make every arrangement unique, it also means flowers are as fresh as possible. BloomsyBox in particular is an online flower delivery service that champions a fresh and seasonal approach to subscription flowers.

For flower care tips to get even longer from your blooms, read these helpful guides to longer-lasting flowers:

subscriptions mean fresh flowers all year round

Cost-Effective and Convenient

It might surprise you to know that a flower subscription box is often far more cost-effective than buying one off arrangements! This is because most flower delivery services will offer discounts on subscriptions as they are a regular purchase by the consumer. The best flower subscriptions also offer free delivery for subscription packages (which can be a huge saving given hidden shipping and delivery fees) and even a further discount if you choose to go prepaid (UrbanStems is a great shout for a prepaid bargain).

Of course, the convenience of a flower subscription box is obvious. With no need to re-order or go through the hassle of choosing an arrangement, you get to enjoy reliable and high-quality flowers being delivered stress-free to your door!

Great for Gifts and Special Occasions

Who doesn’t love a bouquet of seasonal flowers? However, most of us consider it an indulgence we can’t afford. That’s why a monthly flower delivery subscription makes such a wonderful gift to a loved one that lasts far longer than most presents! The best flower subscriptions, like UrbanStems, will offer three- or six-month packages that are perfect as a gift to mark a special occasion.

Choosing and Using Flower Subscription Services

Types of Flower Subscriptions

The choice available amongst flower subscription services is incredible and means there’s a package for every taste and budget. When it comes to frequency, most online flower delivery companies like RoseFarmers offer a monthly option. Others, like UrbanStems and BloomsyBox also have bi-weekly or weekly packages.

Then you have the style to consider. Most flower subscription services favor a seasonal approach, with each monthly bouquet representing the best blooms in season at that time. EnjoyFlowers’ garden collection is an excellent example of this. However, if you are looking for a themed subscription, companies like 1800Flowers also offer specific flower packages or ‘One of a Kind’ arrangements to help you express yourself for a special occasion.

What to Look for in a Flower Subscription Service

When deciding which service to choose, it’s important to consider things like pricing - some flower subscription services are far more cost-effective than others! - delivery options and the ability to customize or pause your arrangement. You’ll find many of the best flower subscriptions allow users to personalize their bouquets as much as possible so be sure to find the right one that meets your needs.

Delivery, Unboxing, and Flower Care Tips

Getting the most from your bouquet means caring for your arrangement properly. Thankfully, so many online flower delivery services provide flower care tips on their website or will even give you information in your delivery to ensure you look after your bouquet properly. Cutting the stems at a diagonal, putting them straight into fresh water and a clean vase are all easy flower care tips that make such a difference to your bouquet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flower Subscriptions

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

While this often depends on the flower delivery service you choose, pausing or canceling your subscription is often possible at no extra charge. Bloomsybox, for example, ensures monthly flower delivery users can pause or even skip a month of their subscription without extra costs.

What if I’m not home to receive my delivery?

While delivery details do vary according to the flower delivery service provider, many subscription services will offer several options for you if you’re not at home when your delivery arrives. If you know ahead of time you won’t be able to get the delivery in person, there’s always the option of choosing a new delivery date. Bouqs and Co. is one of the best flower subscriptions that allows customers to regularly change their delivery details.


Can I choose the types of flowers I receive?

One of the most special things about flower subscription boxes is that often their focus on using seasonal flowers means that the arrangement you receive will be a constant surprise! Some companies, like BloomsyBox, don’t offer much flexibility with this. 

However, with some flower subscription services you can have some choice in the type of flowers you receive, particularly if you opt for a particular flower package. For example, RoseFarmers and 1800Flowers both offer rose flower subscriptions so you know each month you’re guaranteed to receive a stunning bouquet of these blooms.


In summation, the best flower subscription services will save you time and money, all while bringing some of the world’s most beautiful flowers straight to your door. If you are a regular flower-buyer, switching to monthly flower deliveries can be a godsend, as well as an awesome present for someone you love! We hope this guide has given you the confidence to explore the options out there and find the perfect subscription for you. 

For extra help, check out our guide to the Top 3 Best US Flower Subscription Services in 2023 here.

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