Balcony Planters Ideas

Balcony Planters Ideas

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You don’t need to have a garden to grow beautiful plants and flowers. A balcony, a railing, and a little bit of ingenuity is enough to create a lush and jaw-dropping garden – even in the middle of the railings of an urban jungle!

Given the space constraints of most balconies, this article will take you through some of the best balcony planter ideas. Using planters, which can be hung from the ceiling, attached to walls or railings, or placed on the floor, is a simple but effective way to optimize your balcony’s space and make every square inch count, from railing to wall. Let’s get started!

The best planters for balcony railing

While you can hang planters from the wall or ceiling, the easiest option for terrace gardens is to hang flower boxes and plant containers from the railing. This is a fantastic way to make the most of unused railing space while also turning a functional railing we often try to ignore into a stunning garden feature.

Another fantastic thing about planters for railings is that they can be made of pretty much anything! You can repurpose any kind of household item like wellington boots, old pots and pans, tea pots, colanders, watering cans, and more into a railing flower box. Anything that can hold soil and drain water effectively can become a railing planter box so, rather than going out to buy new containers, don’t be afraid to get creative. Otherwise choose railing planters made from wood, copper, or galvanized steel.

How to hang planters on balcony railing

Depending on the kind of railing planter you opt for, there are different ways you can choose to hang it.

If you buy specific balcony planter boxes for railings, then your flower pots will come with materials to mount them directly on the railing. Usually, it’s best to hang your planters with hooks, mount them on ledges or often railing planters are specifically made to slot into wood cutouts. 

However, if you’re using a DIY balcony planter, the best way to hang it from the railing is usually with hooks as these are sturdiest and safest. Make sure your railings have some protection from wind to avoid your containers being blown away by strong breezes before you attach them.

For fence planters ideas, check outthis article on how to hide garbage cans that covers trellis and lattice screens that can be attached to your railing.

Balcony flower box ideas

Now you’ve chosen your preferred container for your balcony garden planters all that’s left to do is choose the flowers and plants to put inside it!

When considering railing planter flower ideas, it’s really important to think of your terrace’s conditions. How much sunlight does it get? Would plants on the railings be exposed to much wind and rainfall? If you don’t choose plants that align with the right conditions, it won’t be long before your railing’s looking a little worse for wear and is more of a barren wasteland than a thriving, floral oasis.

This is because, unlike most gardens, balconies normally have to deal with weather extremes – they are either in full, unprotected sun or else are completely sunless. It’s hard to find a terrace that can cultivate the kind of dappled shade we normally find in traditional gardens. With this in mind, when choosing plants and flowers for your apartment’s balcony planters and railing boxes, it’s important to choose ones that can survive these extremes.

These balcony plants ideas should offer some inspiration for every kind of environment – from those doused in daily sunshine to the perpetually shaded. Annuals are usually a good option to save you having to replant railing flower boxes each season and it’s also important to ensure you have a nice mix of plant heights, sizes, and shapes to create a full and balanced balcony garden.

Balconies in full sun

There’s a reason Mediterranean balconies are often overflowing with the vibrant heads of geraniums. These bright, colorful flowers are perfect for spaces that get a lot of sunlight, as well as being exceptionally pretty to look at. Petunias and marigolds are other vivacious choices that are able to tolerate and emulate bright, sunny areas.

Shaded outdoor areas

Fuchsia is a great plant to consider as it looks wonderful in hanging baskets and its drooping flowers offer a romantic country look to your display. This perennial also thrives in shaded spots, making it perfect for a covered balcony.

Begonias are also a wonderful addition for many reasons, from their many colors and varieties to their low-maintenance nature, and the fact that, as a low-growing plant, they’re perfect for more exposed and windy balconies than taller plants. These annuals also do exceptionally well in shade.

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Going for jungle plants with their impressive, tropical-looking leaves is also a good option for planters that will be in shade. Consider plants like hostas and bamboo to add some exotic flair to a shaded railing. Check out this guide to the best low-maintenance tropical plants herefor more inspiration for your railing planters.


It’s also a great idea to use your balcony railing as a space to grow your own herbs. Not only will these perfume your outdoor space with their pleasing fragrances, herbs are one of the best deck railing planter ideas because they are easy to look after and can grow pretty much anywhere in small containers – perfect for maximizing on tight outdoor space!

For sunny railings, choose rosemary, thyme, and sage for your planters. For more shaded balconies, dill, mint, and parsley are good options.

Herbs can also work wonders in keeping fleas, ticks, and other pests away which is exactly what you need for your outdoor space. Shop herb planter options at

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Of course, another way to bring some floral color to your balcony is to adorn it with vases of freshly cut flowers. This is an easy way to brighten up the dullest space as you are not limited to choosing flowers for your space’s growing conditions and you can change these arrangements regularly for a constant rotation of beautiful blooms.

While this is certainly the most low-maintenance option, ordering these blooms through a floral delivery service makes it even easier as you can get freshly-sourced flowers delivered to your door in a day! Consider companies like 1800Flowers, SendFlowers or FromYouFlowers for hassle-free but stunning balcony arrangements.

To keep it seasonal, subscription options are another way to regularly spruce up your outdoor space with blooms that perfectly encapsulate each season. Check out our guide to the best subscription services on offer to treat yourself to monthly bouquets that will transform your home and garden.

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