Daffodil Planting Guide

Daffodil Planting Guide

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Is it even spring without seeing the perky yellow heads of daffodils peeping up out of hedges, flower beds, and window boxes? One of the season’s earliest, brightest, and most low-maintenance plants, daffodils are the perfect perennial addition to any spring garden, coming back year after year to wow us with their canary yellow, primrose cream, and vibrant orange tones.

And these plants couldn’t be easier to grow! Especially if you follow this quick daffodil planting guide. Read on to discover where, how, and when to plant daffodil bulbs – one of the hardiest and most rewarding plants for even novice gardeners to grow!

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When is the best time to plant daffodil bulbs?

If you’ve read any of our planting guides for spring flowers – like this how-to for hyacinth bulb care or our guide to everything you need to know about muscari – you can probably guess the best time to plant daffodil bulbs. That’s right, like most spring-blooming flowers, daffodil bulbs are best planted in the fall.

More specifically, try and plant them up to a month before the first frost to ensure your bulbs will flower bright blooms come late winter or early spring.

Where is the best place to plant daffodils?

When deciding where to plant daffodil bulbs, there are a few things it is important to consider. Though daffodils are generally quite low-maintenance and not overly fussy plants, they do have some essential needs that must be attended to in order to survive the cold and wet winter months and come back year on year.

The good news is that daffodil bulbs will grow in a variety of soil types and, with so many cultivars to choose from, you can get different plant varieties that will be well-adapted to grow even in shade.

However, despite this versatility, daffodil bulbs cannot survive in wet soil or deep shade. Be sure to plant your daffodils in well-draining, fertile soil that will not get waterlogged. You want your soil to remain moist but never soaked as daffodil bulbs – like many spring plants – do not enjoy getting their feet too wet.

Secondly, while some daffodil varieties will be able to thrive in slightly shaded areas, it’s generally best to plant your bulbs in an area that will enjoy plenty of sunshine. Choose a full – or, at the very least, partial – sun location for your bulbs and be rewarded with extra sunshine when you see these bright yellow flowers pop up seemingly overnight in the first days of spring!

Finally, as daffodils usually look best in large groups, it’s a good idea to choose a plot with plenty of space where your plants can flower to their fullest and boldest potential. Daffodils can self-propagate, naturally producing new bulbs as time goes by so you can expect your clump of these spring flowers to naturally expand over time. Choosing a space in your garden that will promote and facilitate this is a good way to get the most out of these perennial delights!

Where to plant daffodils in small gardens

Of course, if you’ve only a balcony garden or small townhouse patio to work with, don’t forget that daffodils also work well in containers and planters. Plant the bulbs on their own for a welcome burst of yellow and orange colors in your small garden or mix them with other springtime plants for a colorful container medley. Check out our guide to some of the best spring flowers for inspiration here.

Or, to find out more ways to maximize your small townhouse patio or balcony space, we’ve got everything you need to know in these quick guides:

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How deep do you plant daffodil bulbs?

Perhaps the best thing about daffodil bulbs is just how quick and easy they are to plant. Once you ensure you set them deeply enough in the ground, you are almost guaranteed to enjoy a well-flowering daffodil plant for years to come!

Again, similar to hyacinth and muscari planting guides, the best way to plant daffodil bulbs is to plant them in ground that is three times as deep as the bulb’s height. Plant them with the daffodil’s narrow end sticking up and, once you’ve covered them in soil, give your bulbs a good watering.

If you are potting your daffodils in planters, you can plant them a little bit shallower for their first season. Just remember that after this first spring, the bulbs will need to be dug up and transplanted into a bigger and deeper area in order to rebloom the following year.

Getting more from your daffodils

Don’t forget that daffodils are fantastic as cut flowers and can help dispel any lingering winter gloom in your home with a simple indoor posy. Add them to your cut flowers plot in your garden to enjoy fresh, hand-picked bouquets that will energize and enliven your home as you re-emerge from the dark winter months.

All spring flowers work particularly well in cut floral arrangements. See for yourself by ordering a spring-themed arrangement from 1800 Flowers or SendFlowers.

Or make life even easier by signing up to a seasonal subscription package from one of the country’s best floral delivery services. Choosing a monthly subscription to companies like MonthlyClubs or BloomsyBox means that you get specially-picked bouquets delivered straight to your door, each one showcasing the best of what each season has to offer. To find the best and most affordable flower subscription service near you, read our review of our favorites here.

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