How To Send Mother's Day Roses

How To Send Mother's Day Roses

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Mother’s Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrating the women in your life who helped raise you and make you the person you are today. It’s a very important day to honor all kinds of moms and shower them with gratitude, love, and affection, as well as recognize all of their hard work over the years. 

How can you do this? Well, one way to celebrate this holiday and the women it was created for, is to surprise your mom with some Mother’s Day flowers. Roses in particular are a great flower to convey love, devotion, loyalty, and warm wishes to a special mother. So, with that in mind, here’s the best places to buy roses and ensure a very happy Mother’s Day for someone special!

When is Mother’s Day in 2023?

First things first, when is this holiday? Mother’s Day in the United States usually falls on the second Sunday of May. This year, that is May 14. This is important to note if planning on ordering a Mother’s Day rose bouquet as some online delivery services will not accept same-day orders or deliver arrangements on Sunday so you will need to plan your rose bouquet in advance.

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What makes roses special for Mother’s Day?

According to ProFlowers, roses have become a highly popular choice for Mother’s Day bouquets in recent years. This is perhaps because they are considered to be a special celebration flower, due to their elegance, fragrance and sense of luxuriousness.

As well as this, roses have been symbolically linked to motherhood historically. ProFlowers reports that “starting in ancient Greece, roses were thought to be sacred to the goddess Isis (the ideal mother) and Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty). Later, during the Middle Ages, the rose was seen as the queen of flowers and the symbol of the Virgin Mary.” Therefore, whether you choose to send pink roses (symbolizing affection and gentleness) or yellow roses (symbolizing friendship), you can’t really go wrong with roses as a Mother’s Day gift.

Where can you find the best roses for Mother’s Day?

The best value roses for Mother’s Day

If it’s value you’re looking for in a Mother’s Day rose bouquet, we’ve got some stellar recommendations that will make ordering roses easy and affordable. 

SendFlowers not only offers lots of bouquet options with a rainbow variety of roses, this national flower delivery company is difficult to beat when it comes to budget-friendly blooms. With rose arrangements starting at just over $30 and same day delivery available on most of these arrangements, SendFlowers is the perfect choice for fast and affordable roses for your mum. See for yourself!

SendSmiles is another service that aims to keep costs low while keeping quality high. SendSmiles offers free delivery on all their roses and other flower arrangements for this holiday. We’ve all been stung at the end of a rose bouquet purchase with extremely high delivery fees so this saving is a big win for those looking for a rosey bang for their buck. And, needless to say, their bouquets are absolutely stunning too!

Long-lasting roses

Of course, if you want to go all out for this special holiday, what better way is there to say ‘I love you, mum’ than not only a bouquet of roses but a bouquet of long-lasting roses? That’s right, some flower delivery companies offer stunning preserved roses that can last a year or more.

roses signify affection and love for a mom 

1800Flowers is one such delivery service offering preserved roses. Eternity or preserved roses differ from traditional floral arrangements because they are able to last for twelve months, instead of maybe only twelve days. While this makes them naturally more expensive, given the processes it takes to achieve this, it also makes them often better value than fresh bouquets, as the one arrangement will last you for months without needing to be replaced.

1800Flowers collections truly are a gift of lasting luxury. Picking genuine roses that are selected for their size and perfection, 1800Flowers offers carefully preserved roses of one, two or three dozen flowers, artfully arranged in a decorative hat box to surprise someone truly magnificent.

What other gifts can you give for Mother’s Day?

If your mother isn’t a flower lover, there are plenty of other gifts out there that are perfect for treating her on this special day.

For food lovers, consider a gift of chocolate-covered strawberries. We’ve got a guide to the 5 best chocolate strawberry delivery companies in the US right here.

Gift baskets are another great way to treat a foodie mum. Whether it’s a fruit basket or a luxury hamper filled with pampering treats, gift baskets are the perfect way to make any kind of mother feel special on this day. The Gift Basket Store in particular is your one-stop shop for all kinds of goodie hampers sure to make your mom feel like the queen she is!

For plant lovers, make your Mother’s Day love eternal by gifting them a houseplant that will withstand months and years. has a whole collection dedicated to celebrating mothers; we particularly love their heart-shaped Sweet Succulent Garden. Shop the full range for mums at Or, if you want to send your own plants, check out our guide on sending potted plants here.

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Or, for mothers who love a good surprise, why not get them a fun balloon or cardalloon delivery. These unexpected gifts are the perfect present for the mom who has everything!

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