Best Roses & Flowers That Last a Year (or More) in 2022

Best Roses & Flowers That Last a Year (or More) in 2022

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Is there anything better than a bouquet of roses – or indeed any kind of flower – delivered fresh to your door? We all know that feeling of wanting an arrangement to last forever, or at least more than a few days.

However, while there are always steps you can take to keep cut flowers fresh for longer and even specific blooms you can choose that last for several weeks, it’s often inevitable that no flowers can last for months, let alone a year.

Except, that is, for special one-year flowers: roses that live a year and preserved flowers that can last perfectly for up to twelve months.

What are these roses that last up to a year and where can you find them? Keep reading to find out!

preserved roses

What are eternity roses?

Eternity roses are some of the best long-lasting roses because they are not only real flowers, they are preserved in a variety of different processes so that they will last for up to a year without losing any of the original look of the bloom.

They are also sometimes known as preserved or Eternal roses.

Why would you buy a gift of these long-lasting flowers?

Eternity or preserved roses differ from traditional floral arrangements because they are able to last for twelve months, instead of maybe only twelve days. While this makes them naturally more expensive, given the processes it takes to achieve this, it also makes them often better value than fresh bouquets, as the one arrangement will last you for months without needing to be replaced.

Thus, though a luxurious purchase, they are the perfect gift to a rose lover who can’t get enough of these blooms and wants to enjoy them year-round in their home. They would work well as a wedding gift, anniversary present, or a ‘just because’ treat to yourself!

Where is the best place to find these long-lasting roses?

To find the best roses that last a year, check out some of the varieties available at these flower delivery companies.


1800Flowers specializes in preserved and premium roses that last a year. Their collections truly are a gift of lasting luxury. Picking genuine roses that are selected for their size and perfection, 1800Flowers offers carefully preserved roses of one, two or three dozen flowers, artfully arranged in a decorative hat box to surprise someone truly magnificent.

Choose from colors of red, pink, or lavender. Once selected, your long-lasting flowers are styled in a round hat-box container that is beautifully tied with a satin bow in coordinating colors.

These Magnificent Roses are a luxurious and romantic gift of love and adoration to cherish over time. Prices usually start at $175 for a dozen however you can catch these with a discount if you’re lucky!

single preserved rose

The best single rose to last a year

For Beauty and the Beast lovers, the perfect gift exists in 1800Flowers’ exclusive Enchanted Beauty Rose.

A single, genuine red rose chosen for its size and perfection, this long-lasting flower is carefully preserved and showcased inside a classic glass cloche – just like in the movie. To complete the spectacle, a bed of rose petals along the bottom adds to its unique beauty and elegance. Presented in a stylish black box with coordinating red ribbon and gold insignia, it’s a truly enchanting surprise, and ideal as a romantic gesture for a birthday, declaration of love or special wedding anniversary.


FromYouFlowers is another exceptional flower delivery service offering elegant hat boxes of preserved roses coming in every color, from sapphire blue to champagne pink, deep purple, and even gold! Prices for these flowers that can last for up to two years with proper care start at $124.99 for a box of a dozen.

All you need to do care for these timeless beauties to get them to last is to keep them out of the sun and away from moisture. That’s right, no more pesky cleaning your vase or fear of killing your flowers with overwatering!

Check out the full range of bouquets available at FromYouFlowers here.

The best flowers that last a year

If you want something other than roses to grace your home for a long time, there’s lots of other options out there from some stellar companies. 

BloomsyBox creates stunning arrangements of dried and preserved flowers in sprays of vibrant color that are the perfect gift or self-treat at any time of year.

Rose Farmers, despite their name, are another company that curate beautiful arrangements of dried blooms that will last for a really long time. They have dedicated an entire collection to dried arrangements so you can be guaranteed exceptional choice and elegance, no matter what you choose.

How to make flowers last a year

Even if you can’t resist the allure of fresh, unpreserved flowers, there are still some tricks you can do at home to make your flowers last a year.

dry flower bouquet

Dry your flowers

One option is to dry them. Say you have fallen in love with one of the arrangements at and can’t bear the thought of throwing it away once it’s no longer fresh (we wouldn’t blame you – we can’t get enough of the ‘You’re Precious’ bouquet), you can make it last by turning it into a dried arrangement to enjoy for months – and even years – to come.

Find out how to easily dry bouquets and flowers here.

Press your flowers

Another lovely way to savor an arrangement long into another season is to have its flowers pressed. This doesn’t just keep your roses and flowers as a lasting fixture of beauty in your home, it’s a really fun craft activity to get your friends and family involved in.

All you have to do is enjoy a bouquet of your favorite freshly-cut blooms and then, before they wilt too much, press them so you can continue to enjoy them around your home in cute frames and interesting decorations.

So, go on, order that Teleflora bouquet you’ve had your eye on and then use this helpful guide to pressing flowers to ensure its loveliness lasts for months in your home.

Buy a potted plant

Another way to make the most of fresh flowers while still getting them to last for a long time is to choose a potted plant of the blooms, instead of cut flowers. 

Take, for example, Proflowers’ potted rose plants that come in gorgeous blooms of pink, yellow, and white. Not only do these bring all the joy of a floral bouquet into your home; unlike cut bouquets, this potted alternative will last far longer as a houseplant, and can even be transplanted outside to bring lasting joy to your garden for years to come!

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