The Best 'Just Because' Flowers and Gifts for Him and Her

The Best 'Just Because' Flowers and Gifts for Him and Her

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There are so many articles out there that will tell you the perfect flowers and gifts for every kind of special occasion - from Christmas arrangements to Hanukkah celebrations, Thanksgiving centerpieces, Mother’s Day lunches and more. However, while we know flowers can express so many things at pivotal moments in our lives - a job promotion, a wedding anniversary, the birth of a child or even the loss of a loved one - we don’t always need something big to be happening to send someone - or ourselves - a thoughtful bouquet.

‘Just because’ flowers can make someone’s day. A ‘just because’ bouquet, that wasn’t prompted by a hospital visit or a national holiday, can actually be even more meaningful than occasion flowers.

Why would you send ‘just because’ flowers?

So, what are ‘just because’ flowers and why would you send them? The answer is simple. ‘Just because’ flower arrangements are bouquets that you send to a loved one for no specific reason, except to let them know you are thinking of them. 

just because flowers

They are a random surprise to treat someone to spontaneously, on an ordinary midweek evening or boring Wednesday afternoon. 

The meaning of these kinds of flowers can depend on the relationship between the giver and the recipient. For married couples, the meaning might be more romantic, whereas for platonic friends ‘just because’ flowers might express respect, support or affection. In general, however, ‘just because’ flowers meanings are usually grounded in expressions of love, friendship, thoughtfulness, and gratitude.

With such positive meanings, why wouldn’t you want to send or receive some ‘just because’ flowers immediately? 

So, what are the best just because flowers to send to someone you care about? Keep reading to find out!

‘Just because’ gifts for her

If you’re looking for the perfect ‘just because’ gift for a girlfriend or wife, you generally can’t go too far wrong with flowers. Vibrant, fragrant, and romantic, flowers can convey everything you want to say.

Choosing the right ‘just because’ flowers for her, will depend on the kind of flowers the woman in question likes and the nature of your relationship. For example, if it’s a new or burgeoning romantic love, you might want to stick to pink-colored flowers - which represent affection and new beginnings. 

just because flowers for her

SendFlowers has a whole showcase of ‘just because’ arrangements in these beautiful pink and pastel hues - we recommend their Cherished Cupid Lily Garden or their Spring Gardens Bouquet for this kind of just because gift.

For a wife or long-term partner, crimson roses and other red flowers can signify passion, deep devotion, and eternal love. Purple flowers also work well for romantic relationships that have stood the test of time. Again, SendFlowers has lots of perfect ‘just because’ arrangements that fit the bill, from a classic bouquet of red roses to its stunning Perfect and Pastel Flower bouquet.

Finally, if searching for the perfect ‘just because’ gift for her - her being a platonic friend - you can’t go wrong with a yellow or orange-themed bouquet. 1800Flowers has a full range of bright and friendly ‘just because’ arrangements that are not only the perfect pick-me-up for a friend in need, but equally will convey all of the joyful happiness, attachment and trust of a good friendship.

‘Just because’ gifts for him

‘Just because’ gifts for husbands and boyfriends might seem trickier, as many people often think that ‘just because’ flowers or gifts should only be given to women. However, a spontaneous bouquet of flowers shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for women. ‘Just because’ gifts for boyfriends and husbands are important too! 

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To ensure your bouquet will go down a treat, choose a color theme wisely. It’s generally best to avoid pastel shades and instead opt for bright, bold, and darker colors. Maroons, purples, and deep reds can all work well for men while bright yellow – like the color of sunflowers or gerberas – are also great options to express gratitude to a platonic male friend. FromYouFlowers specializes in bouquets that champion all of these things.

Additionally, it’s helpful to consider the fragrance of the flowers you’re choosing. Again, avoid more traditionally feminine fragrances and go for something like carnations, that not only offer bold-colored varieties but that also have a husky, clove-like scent. Fresh, sharp, citrusy fragrances will also be more likely to make sure your flowers are a hit!

‘Just because’ flowers for them

For those who identify as non-binary or even those men and women who don’t enjoy stereotypically girly or manly things (and there are many!), ‘just because’ flowers and gifts still work just as well. This is because, with these kinds of flowers, it truly is the thought that counts. 

transform someone's day with a just because arrangement

The point of ‘just because’ gifts is to make them unique to the person receiving them. So, once you are doing that, you really can’t go wrong with whatever ‘’just because’’ flower arrangement or gift you choose. 

For example, if you know a friend or partner - regardless of gender - loves daisies, then choosing a ‘just because’ bouquet of these brightly-petaled blooms is sure to be the perfect surprise for them. 

Alternatively, if a loved one doesn’t like flower bouquets, treating them instead to a ‘just because’ houseplant - like a snake plant or low-maintenance fern from LivelyRoot - is sure to be a winner. 

Or, for the person who doesn’t enjoy flowers or plants at all but is partial to a good fruit or food basket, you can spoil them with a ‘just because’ hamper filled with all of their favorite goodies from online stores such as gift basket pros The Gift Basket Store or 1800Flowers.

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In short, any gift that shows that you have put thought and effort into it, is almost guaranteed to please, whether it’s a surprise balloon delivery or the gift of a bonsai tree. So, don’t be shy. Treat a loved one to a surprise ‘just because’ flower delivery today!

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