Congratulations Flowers and Gifts

Congratulations Flowers and Gifts

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A congratulation flower arrangement is the perfect way to celebrate a loved one’s achievement, whether that be getting a new job, moving house, having a baby, or even just recovering from an illness. There are always reasons to offer congratulations and celebrate the people we care about and so it goes that there should also be as many congratulations floral arrangements out there to help you express your pride and joy.

This article is here to talk you through everything you need to know about congratulation flower bouquets and gifts, from ideas for presents to the best kinds of blooms to include in a special congratulations flowers delivery.

While flower delivery services like SendFlowers and BloomsyBox make choosing the right bouquet even easier by designing special congratulations flower arrangements, it’s important to know what blooms are best suited to the most popular kinds of celebrating occasions. So let’s get to it!

Congratulation flower ideas

Flowers are the obvious choice when celebrating a friend’s success or offering them congratulations for a significant achievement. But what flowers are best? Are some better suited to a congratulations bouquet than others?

Definitely. Just as there are certain flowers you would send to a funeral which can convey grief, loss, and mourning, there are equally blossoms that are better used for celebration, success and congratulations flowers.

As you can imagine, these kinds of blooms usually have big petals and bright, happy colors. They exude joy, happiness, and hope - all of the things one experiences when embracing a new change or achievement!

Congratulations flowers for a new job

Keep these kinds of flowers in mind when browsing congratulations bouquets to ensure you choose an appropriate arrangement. However, if you’re looking for a more specific celebratory bouquet, we’ve got some tips for some of the most common occasions for sending a congratulations bouquet.

Congratulations flowers for new job

Someone you know is after being promoted and you want to send flowers to their office to congratulate them. What kind of congratulations bouquet should you choose?

While this will depend on the relationship you have with them - are they a friend or colleague? - generally choosing yellow or purple flowers will guarantee you strike the right tone in your congratulations bouquet. Yellow flowers convey happiness, warmth, loyalty, and affection while purple flowers historically represent respect, admiration, and success. 

Therefore, any bouquet featuring these flowers will be sure to express your heartfelt congratulations to anyone celebrating a new job or promotion. Shop new job congratulations bouquet at 1800Flowers.

Congratulation flowers for new baby

Celebrating new life in the world should only be done with the happiest and purest of flowers. That’s why daisies are often used in congratulations flowers and balloons for someone announcing a pregnancy or having given birth to a new baby. These happy blooms represent innocence and cheerfulness - two things we always associate with children.

For more on the best gifts and flowers for new baby congratulations gifts, click here.

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Congratulations flowers for wedding anniversary

It’s often a nice tradition for children or family members to surprise their parents with a congratulations bouquet when celebrating an important anniversary. As this is celebrating a romantic love, this can mean that different colored flowers and different types will be appropriate.

FromYouFlowers has a host of glorious bouquets sure to bring added joy to such a special occasion. Generally it’s best to choose roses, carnations, and lilies - all of which come in many different colors and which universally stand for eternal and committed love.

However, if you want to ensure you’re choosing the correct flowers for a particular wedding anniversary, be sure to read this guide.

Congratulations flowers for moving house

A new house is like a new beginning, a fresh start. Congratulations flowers should embody this, symbolizing the sense of hope and possibility one feels when creating a new home. Therefore spring flowers like daffodils and tulips are a wonderful choice to give a friend when attending a housewarming. 

plants are a great housewarming gift

These brightly-colored blooms are also a decoration in themselves, helping to brighten up a new space that might still be a little sparse.

Of course, another obvious congratulations gift for new homeowners is a houseplant. Longer-lasting than a bouquet and bringing mood-boosting and air-purifying qualities into a home, a well-chosen house plant is the perfect way to say ‘congratulations’ on owning or renting a new property.

Feng shui recommends plants like a fiddle leaf fig, for their positive energy and ability to attract abundance, wealth, good luck, and prosperity.

Alternatively, peace lilies, cacti and succulents, hanging plants and snake plants are all fantastic, and generally low-maintenance plants that are perfect for a housewarming. You can have them easily delivered to a loved one’s home by using plant delivery services like LivelyRoot and

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Other congratulations gifts 

Let’s not forget there are lots of other great congratulations gift options besides flowers and plants. 

A gift box of balloons from The Gift Basket Store is a colorful and vibrant way to celebrate a milestone while a gift basket packed with decadent goodies or fresh fruit can be the crowning glory of an afternoon celebrating success with friends. 

Find the best balloon delivery services near you or the perfect gift basket for every happy occasion with the below guides:

It’s so important to celebrate achievements in life and offer up congratulations for any success big or small in the lives of our loved ones. Say your congratulations louder, say it better, with a thoughtful bouquet or congratulations gift.

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