How to Send Flowers To Someone's Office

How to Send Flowers To Someone's Office

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Has someone you know just gotten a big promotion at work? Maybe they’ve just landed their dream job at a new company and are about to start work? Or perhaps a friend is going through a rough time and could need a little pick-me-up during their working day.

Whatever the reason, sending someone flowers at work is a thoughtful way to let them know you are thinking of them. Here’s how to do it.

How to get flowers delivered to someone’s work

Getting flowers delivered to the workplace, just like sending flowers to a church, school or hospital, is easy once you follow these simple steps.

flowers sent to the office

Firstly, the most important thing to ensure is that you have their correct work details, from the address of their workplace to the floor and department they work on. This will make it easier for a delivery person to locate them faster.

Secondly, include a contact number for the person you are having flowers delivered to in your delivery so they can be contacted if there is any difficulty in finding them. To avoid this, find out what office hours your intended recipient keeps and if there is any chance they might be out of the office the day or week you plan to have flowers delivered.

Similarly, if sending flowers to someone at work, we always like to do so at the start of the week, the better for them to enjoy fresh blooms all week-long.

Sending a woman flowers at work

If you particularly want to send a girl flowers at work, there’s other things to consider. First of all, the kind of flowers you send will depend on your relationship with this girl. 

Ask yourself, what kind of personality does this person have? Do they like being the center of attention and would enjoy the attention of a flower delivery at work?

Secondly, what kind of office environment does she work in? Is it very strict and formal? Would flowers be appropriate in this work setting? 

Sending flowers to her

The final thing to consider when sending flowers to her job is the occasion - what’s the reason for wanting to send flowers to her at work? If it’s to celebrate a promotion or work achievement, you’ll want to consider a vibrant bouquet with lots of yellow or purple blooms.

If you are just looking to express your affection or love, then perhaps a bouquet of red or pink flowers might be more appropriate (though you’ll want to be sure she’ll appreciate this). Otherwise, it might be best to send a more romantic bouquet of flowers to her at home.

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BloomsyBox offers romantic and seasonal bouquets with monthly subscription options which is a perfect way to express your love for her with a regular floral surprise.

Sending a man flowers at work

Having flowers delivered to work shouldn’t just be a treat for women! Flowers improve someone’s mood and increase their productivity by 15% - why would you deprive a man of this brightening benefit?

So, if you’re thinking about an office flower delivery for a man in your life, be he a friend, partner, or even your dad, our advice is to go for it! Just be careful of the kind of blooms you choose in the arrangement you want delivered, as some flowers are more suitable for a man and a male work space than others.

Here’s what to consider when having delivered flowers at work for a male colleague - or read the full guide on what blooms to gift a man here.

Opt for bold colors

Color choice is important in a flower delivery for a man. It’s generally best to avoid pastel shades and instead opt for bright, bold, and darker colors. Maroons, purples, and deep reds can all work well for men while bright yellow – like the color of sunflowers or gerberas – are also great options to express gratitude to a platonic male friend. They’ll also be winning in a dark work space - get a fantastic arrangement of sunflowers at FromYouFlowers.

Choose flowers with eye-catching shapes

Secondly, flower shape is also important for men, particularly in a work environment. Similar to bright and loud colors, men also seem to appreciate flowers in bolder and larger shapes. Petals with strong structural shapes are particularly attractive to men so choose robust varieties like sunflowers, tulips, orchids, or birds of paradise. On top of this, they’ll help bring a bit of structural drama and imagination to a work space that’s sure to please the whole office.

Browse SendFlowers collection of bold flowers here.

Avoid strong fragrances

When sending flowers to men - either at work or at home - it’s a good idea to avoid more traditionally feminine fragrances. However, this is even more important if sending flowers to his work as strongly perfumed blooms might be offputting for his work colleagues. Instead, choose blooms with minimal fragrance or go for something like carnations. Carnations not only offer bold-colored varieties but that also have a husky, clove-like scent that won’t dominate a work space. 

1800Flowers offers lots of bouquets using carnations that would make an ideal work gift.

However, if you are still slightly uncomfortable at the thought of a male friend or partner having surprise flowers sent to work, a safer option is to send them a plant instead. This is a less showy gift, and might be more suited to a platonic or new relationship.

plants for him at work

Best of all, plants aren’t just a gift to one person in the workplace, they are a gift for everyone. Boosting productivity, purifying the air, brightening the work space with their foliage, and improving employees’ moods, plants at work are coveted items. Find the best plant to gift someone at work with our guide to office plants here.

Plant companies that deliver across the US:

There you have it! How to send flowers to a loved one, friend, or colleague at work. Surprise them with the best kind of delivery - one that can boost their mood, productivity and even create some interesting watercooler conversation!

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