The Best Flower Delivery for Administrative Professionals’ Day

The Best Flower Delivery for Administrative Professionals’ Day

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As the person who keeps everything in an office running smoothly, making life easier for their employers, co-workers and even a company’s customers, administrative professionals deserve to be celebrated.

That’s why a whole day has been created to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work secretaries, receptionists, administrative assistants and other key administrative support workers do to keep a business functioning at its best. 

As so much of the work of administrative professionals is behind the scenes and therefore overlooked, this is a really important day in any business calendar to show these integral employees how valued they are with a surprise delivery like flowers, gift baskets, or vouchers.

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So, whether you are an employer looking to celebrate your team of administrative professionals with a delivery of gifts; a supportive colleague who’s been saved several times by a savvy secretary and wants to show their appreciation with flowers; or perhaps the loved one of an admin professional looking to honor their dedication with a surprise delivery to their workplace, there’s never been a better time to celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day. 

Here’s how to do it in style with a meaningful delivery sure to blow your employee, colleague or loved one away!

administrative professionals day

What is Administrative Professionals’ Day?

Administrative Professionals’ Day is a day dedicated to acknowledging the people who keep an office organized, efficient, and running smoothly. Sometimes known as Admin Day or Secretaries’ Day, Administrative Professionals’ Day happens every April, on the Wednesday of the last full week that month. 

It is typically celebrated by giving an office’s administrative professionals a gift - usually in the form of a bouquet of flowers, a gift basket, houseplant, or even a voucher to a local restaurant or store they like.

Should you give flowers for Administrative Professionals’ Day?

Absolutely! There is never an occasion that can’t be brightened up with a flower delivery and Administrative Professionals’ Day is no different. Sending a bouquet or floral arrangement for Admin Professionals’ Day is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for this profession as well as brighten up an office space with some vibrant flowers. Keep reading to find the best blooms to send in an Administrative Professionals’ Day floral bouquet.

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Best Administrative Professionals’ Day flowers ideas

From colors to flower types, here’s the best flowers to include in an Administrative Professionals’ Day floral arrangement.

Yellow flowers

Bright yellow blooms are perfect flowers for Secretary’s Day as they symbolize optimism, harmony, brilliance, and joy. These are traits every good Administrative Professional brings to their role and so yellow colored flowers are a fantastic way to celebrate and honor this.

Reflecting the same warmth and power of the sun, yellow blooms are also synonymous with high energy, happiness and friendship - everything you’d want to convey on Administrative Professionals’ Day.

yellow lilies bouquet

Yellow lilies in particular are a great gift to give the administrative extraordinaire in your office as they symbolize gratitude. 

Purple flowers

Purple flowers have often been associated with royalty and therefore symbolize success, grandeur and a sense of majesty. This makes them a wonderful flower to include in a floral delivery for a colleague on Administrative Professionals’ Day as they also represent admiration and respect. 

Gratitude flowers

Some flowers are known for expressing gratitude and these, given the meaning behind Administrative Professionals’ Day, should most definitely be included in any bouquet ordered for the occasion 

Carnations and hydrangeas are both known for symbolizing gratitude. Coming in all kinds of colors, carnations are a great way to personalize a bouquet to the taste of its recipient while the big flowers of blue hydrangeas add drama and the tantalizing promise of summer to any posy. 

Other gift ideas for delivery surprises on Administrative Professionals’ Day

The most important thing to remember when choosing a gift for the administrative professional in your life is that it should be thoughtful! With this in mind, not everybody enjoys a delivery of a bouquet of blooms. Therefore, you might want to consider some alternative gift ideas to show your office’s administrative professionals how much you value them. 

flowers on admin day

Instead of a floral arrangement, why not consider a gift basket packed with decadent treats like these ones from 1800Flowers. Fill it with chocolates, cakes, fresh fruit, or spa goodies for the perfect delivery surprise on Administrative Professionals’ Day. 

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a beautiful plant, either on Administrative Professionals’ Day or any other. Longer-lasting than flowers and with mood-boosting and air-purifying properties, a plant delivery is sure to make your secretary or receptionists’ day.

LivelyRoot is a plant delivery site that has everything you need when it comes to finding the perfect plant for every environment, as well as accessories and plant care guides. Read the full LivelyRoot review here

The best flower delivery services for Administrative Professionals’ Day

How to find the best Administrative Professionals’ Day flower deliveries near you

Want to know the best flower and plant delivery services in your city or state? We’ve got you covered with these specific delivery guides! Don’t forget that all of the delivery companies referenced in this article offer delivery across the contiguous US as well as international delivery options so if your city or state isn’t referenced below chances are you can still get fast delivery where you live.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day with sensational gift deliveries to please every kind of employee.

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