The Best Flower Delivery for St Patrick’s Day

The Best Flower Delivery for St Patrick’s Day

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Are you looking for the perfect flower delivery to bring you or a loved one the luck of the Irish? Search no further! Here’s everything you need to know about finding the perfect flowers to honor St Patrick’s Day - a day for anybody Irish or Irish-at-heart to celebrate their heritage, culture, and love of all things green, white, and gold!

What is St Patrick’s Day and why is it celebrated?

St Patrick’s Day was first sanctified as a holy day in 1631, when the Vatican decreed it the official death date of Saint Patrick – the man responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland (and driving out the snakes in the process!)

While St Patrick’s Day was considered a serious day of remembrance in its beginnings, it has since grown around the world to become a day for anyone and everyone to celebrate the best of Irish culture, heritage, and craic.

One of the best ways to do this in your home – or if attending a St Patrick’s Day party – is to order a flower delivery that embodies and celebrate this Irish national holiday.

St patrick's day

When is St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick’s Day falls on the same day every year so you can prepare your flower delivery with plenty of time to spare!

This festival celebrating Irish culture and the small island’s patron saint is always held on March 17, as this is the date of Saint Patrick’s death.

If you want to order St Patrick’s Day flower arrangements, it’s important to keep this date in mind to ensure you can get delivery in time. Having said that, there are several companies who can offer same-day delivery on flowers for St Patrick’s Day so even if you forget, there’s bound to be a delivery florist near you who can step in and save the day!

1800Flowers, for example, offers delivery 365 days a year, meaning you can be assured of St Patrick’s Day flower delivery no matter what day it falls on!

What colors should you include in Irish St Patrick’s day floral arrangements?

As a celebration of all things Irish, your Saint Patty’s Day flowers should echo these sentiments of national pride. Similar to Hanukkah flower arrangements that typically use blue and white flowers to represent the Israeli flag as well as recurring symbolism in Jewish texts and customs, St. Patrick’s Day arrangements can take inspiration from the Irish flag.

When scouting delivery sites for the perfect Patrick’s Day bouquet, look for arrangements that incorporate blooms and foliage that are green, white, and gold. These aren’t just the colors of the Irish flag, these are also fantastic springtime colors that represent life, vitality, and happiness – everything that is synonymous with this international day of parades, celebrations, and fun!

The best St Patrick’s day flowers ideas for delivery

So, with these colors in mind, here’s some of the best ideas to keep in mind when scouting delivery sites for the perfect bouquet, arrangement, or gift for St. Patrick’s Day. From Irish bells to shamrocks and clovers, here’s the best St Patrick’s day flowers.

Bells of Ireland

The name of these vibrant green flowers makes them an obvious choice to include in any St Patrick’s Day flower delivery. Adding height, volume, and the all-important Irish colors of yellow-green bell flowers, Bells of Ireland are considered an Irish good luck charm so don’t forget to include them in any St Patrick’s Day arrangement you buy for delivery or DIY!

Bells of Ireland

Best of all, these blooms remain every bit as eye-catching as dried flowers, so you can appreciate and enjoy their beauty long after St Patrick’s Day celebrations wind up. Find out how to properly dry flowers here. 

Where to find Bells of Ireland? 

For those going all out to treat a special Irish someone with a surprise delivery of flowers, we recommend the regal Limelight Bouquet from FromYouFlowers. Though slightly pricey at $75, this elegant arrangement will commemorate St Patrick’s Day in all the right ways with serene shades of green flowers in a unique, leaf-lined vase.


One of the most popular early spring flowers in Ireland, daffodils are perfect to match a green, white, and gold flower theme for your Saint Patrick’s Day floral delivery. Pick them from your flower bed and add them into a DIY centerpiece or treat yourself to a bunch from a local florist or delivery service. 

White flowers like roses, chrysanthemums, and carnations

To complete the tricolors of your delivery arrangement, be sure to add in white blooms such as roses, chrysanthemums and carnations. The great thing about all of these kinds of flowers is that they also come in green, yellow, and orange varieties, making them incredibly versatile in a St Patrick’s Day bouquet.


For a different kind of green delivery, why not keep the St Patrick’s Day festive spirit going with a long-lasting houseplant? There are few plants more quintessentially Irish than clover, making this the perfect foliage to add to your home with a St Patrick’s Day delivery. Get in the patriotic spirit or spark some national pride in a loved one with the delivery of a Clover Leaf Ivy plant from LivelyRoot ($38.00).

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Or if searching for some St Patrick’s-themed plant and flower pot accessories, find some shamrock-decorated plant pots in their extensive pots and accessories selection.

Find out more about what LivelyRoot offers home and businesses with their extensive range of plant packages and delivery options with this comprehensive review.

White flowers like carnations work well in St Patrick's Day arrangements

Gift baskets

Of course, not every St Patrick’s Day delivery needs to be flowers! Gift baskets are a wonderful gift that can bring a little bit of Irish culture to a loved one. 1800Flowers is the go-to delivery company when it comes to gift baskets for every kind of occasion. 

Their St. Patrick’s gift box selections include everything from shamrock stickers to handmade soaps and special St Patrick’s Day wish bracelets.

Find the best St. Patrick’s Day flower deliveries near you

Want to know where you can find floral delivery services in your area to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Whether you’re looking for a last-minute delivery of flowers or the perfect houseplant, we’ve got you covered! Check out these city guides to find the best plant and flower delivery companies near you:

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