The Best Flower Delivery for Hanukkah

The Best Flower Delivery for Hanukkah

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In a season of so many celebrations, Hanukkah is yet another holiday that calls for a beautiful flower delivery to crown a dining table, let a loved one know you are thinking of them, or surprise your party host with. 

If you’ve ever wondered what flowers to send at Hanukkah or what floral delivery services offer the best bouquets to celebrate and embody this Festival of Lights, this article is for you.

From the best delivery options in your area to the perfect blooms to put in your Hanukkah flower arrangements, this article has it all!

Become a flower delivery Queen or King by choosing these stress-free options for sumptuous, elegant, and symbolic blooms this Hanukkah.

What are traditional Hanukkah flowers?

As you might notice perusing delivery sites for Hanukkah flower arrangements, there aren’t definitive flower types particular to this holiday. Instead, as covered in this Time article, traditional flowers for Hanukkah are typically blue or white in color. The reasons for this are numerous. Firstly, blue and white are the colors of Israel’s flag. 

The Best Hanukkah Flowers

Secondly, Judaism recognizes these colors as important throughout religious practices and customs. The Jewish prayer shawl, known as a tallit, is traditionally made from a white fabric that has black and blue stripes. Indeed, blue is a color consistently referenced in the Torah and other religious texts in Judaism, making it an obvious color to celebrate Hanukkah with. 

White, of course, isn’t an unusual color used to celebrate holidays around this time of year. White blossoms are often used in Christmas arrangements too, marking a noticeable contrast to the autumnal reds, oranges, and yellows we see in Thanksgiving floral deliveries

So while there might not be traditional Hanukkah flowers to send or enjoy the delivery of during this celebration, there are definitely certain colored blooms to try and use in Hanukkah floral arrangements - blue and white.

The best Hanukkah flowers ideas

The first thing to keep in mind when considering the best flowers for delivery is that Hanukkah is a celebration that lasts eight days. This means that whatever blossoms you choose to use in an arrangement or centerpiece, you want to select blooms that are long-lasting and can remain fresh and vibrant throughout the celebrations.

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With this in mind, and knowing the popular colors of this season are white and blue, here’s some of the most popular Hanukkah flowers that you can order in a delivery bouquet.

White flowers


Lilies are generally considered one of the most traditional Hanukkah flowers and so feature in many delivery bouquets - like the sensational Hanukkah arrangements at FromYouFlowers (many of which also come with same-day delivery!) 

Whether you choose a delivery of blooms featuring lilies alone or adorn them with some added greenery and smaller white blooms, like white carnations, a Hanukkah bouquet of lilies will convey purity and peace.

On that note, peace lilies are also a great delivery option if hoping to give a floral gift to a friend or loved one for Hanukkah. Order one for delivery at for a beautiful Hanukkah present that will last long past the celebrations.

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White Roses

A delivery of white roses will also never disappoint during Hanukkah. Elegant and timeless, white roses work particularly well for Hanukkah arrangements given their symbolic connotations of innocence and eternal love. 


The snowy whiteness of alstroemeria is another blossom that will take a Hanukkah flower to the next level. Find them adorning the Hanukkah bouquets of delivery sites like 1800Flowers or SendFlowers.

Blue flowers

Blue delphiniums

It’s hard to beat the graceful beauty of blue delphiniums. Adding height, structure, and a dynamic injection of cobalt blue to any arrangement, delphiniums are a popular choice for many Hanukkah bouquets. It’s not hard to see why!

Blue hydrangeas 

Both blue and white hydrangeas make for rustic and impressive additions to a Hanukkah arrangement. These big flowers are perfect for anyone hoping to add some elusive blue blooms to their Hanukkah flower delivery.

Blue Roses

Of course, if you wanted to truly wow a friend or loved one, go all out on some with a bouquet of elusive blue roses. SendFlowers offers delivery of bouquets of one or two dozen rare blue roses which you can then entwine with some simple white lilies and lush greenery for a sensational - and home-arranged - bouquet!

Blue Roses

Meanwhile, if you want to completely push the boat out, who can resist the thought of perfectly preserved blue velvet roses displayed in an elegant, hat-box style container?  Flower delivery expert 1800Flowers offers these luxurious gifts in one or two dozen choices - both being lovingly delivered straight to your door.

Add some sparkle

Our final tip when choosing your Hanukkah flower delivery or DIY centerpiece is to remember that silver is another popular and significant color in this holiday and so can be used in a Hanukkah arrangement for added sparkle. Consider using glitter, silver-painted pinecones, or glass ornaments to individualize and elevate your Hanukkah floral delivery into a truly wondrous display.

Now you know the best flowers and colors to look for when organizing a Hanukkah flower delivery, all that’s left to figure out is what are the best delivery services in your area to bring the freshest and brightest flowers straight to your door? No matter where you are in the US, there’s a selection of reliable and efficient flower delivery businesses that will ensure you can receive the most beautiful arrangements - even at the last-minute.

How to find the best Hanukkah flower deliveries near you

Want to know where you can find floral delivery services in your area to get you through this Hanukkah season? We’ve got you covered! Check out these city guides to find the best plant and flower delivery companies near you:

And there you have it! Everything you need to know have the most wonderful - and fragrant! - Hanukkah!

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