How to Send Flowers to a School

How to Send Flowers to a School

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Whether it’s to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day or you want to send a ‘just because’ bouquet to a teacher who has gone above and beyond in their work, sending flowers to a school can be a lovely way to let the school and its staff know that you appreciate their work.

Here’s how to do it.

sending flowers to a school

How to Send Flowers to a Teacher

The incredibly thoughtful gesture of sending a nice flower arrangement to a teacher, principal, or perhaps a loved one who works in a school only requires a few simple steps. These are:

Call the school

Firstly, call the school to find out if they accept flower deliveries (it’s better to be safe than sorry!) and then verify you have the right address and contact details for the school. It’s also a good idea to ask the secretary - who as we know is always the gatekeeper to a school and the one most likely to be delivering your flowers - if there is an optimum time to have your flowers delivered. 

The secretary will know each staff member’s schedule and be able to tell you what time or day will be best to ensure a smooth delivery of your Teacher Appreciation Day flowers.

Plan your flower delivery for the start of the week

Just like when sending flowers to someone’s office, it’s best to plan your flower delivery for the beginning of the week. This means that your chosen staff member - and their pupils! - can enjoy your flowers all week-long.

Think of the teacher you are giving your flowers to

It’s also crucial to consider the personality of the teacher in question and the relationship you have with them. Are you a parent wanting to thank a teacher for their hard work? Perhaps you are a partner wanting to surprise your other half with an impromptu flower delivery at work to celebrate a birthday or anniversary?

Whatever the reason for sending flowers to a teacher, ask yourself, what kind of personality does this person have? Do they like being the center of attention and would enjoy the attention of a flower delivery at work? If they might enjoy the fuss, you can direct the florist or secretary to deliver the flowers during a lesson. 

However, for more reserved or introverted personalities, such a public surprise might be overwhelming. In that case, flower arrangements for teachers might be better placed on their desk in a staff room where they can enjoy them a little more privately.

Choose your flowers

Once you have taken these steps, all that’s left to do is choose the bouquet for your intended teacher! Keep reading for some inspiration for thank you flowers for teachers.

Send Flowers to a School With FromYouFlowers

teacher appreciation day

What is Teacher Appreciation Day?

Teacher Appreciation Day falls every year on the first Tuesday of the first full week of May. It’s a part of Teacher Appreciation Week, which is an occasion dedicated to supporting and celebrating this country’s educators. 

One of the ways many parents, students, and partners celebrate the teachers in their lives is by giving them flowers - a beautiful, vibrant token of gratitude that recognizes the hard work that goes into educating children and adults alike. With that in mind, here’s some of the best flowers you can use in a thank you bouquet.

Teacher Appreciation flower ideas

Stay seasonal

With Teacher Appreciation Day falling reliably in May each year, spring flowers are the perfect gift to say thank you to a special educator. The bright colors of spring flowers like  tulips, daffodils, lilies, and hyacinths also make them the ideal blooms to express gratitude, admiration, and friendship. 

Perfect lily bouquets await you at 1800Flowers.

A nice twist on sending a springtime bouquet - BloomsyBox is particularly good at curating the most stunning spring arrangements from farm-fresh flowers - is to give a teacher spring bulbs in a planter instead. This will enable them to enjoy the beauty of perennial spring flowers year-after-year in the comfort of their own home.

Send Flowers to a School With FromYouFlowers


The cheerfulness of daisies make them the ideal flower choice for a thank you flower bouquet. They symbolize the positivity and joy a good teacher brings to their classroom. They are also a flower that denotes friendship and so are a good choice for any parent or colleague still building a relationship with a teacher in a school. 

Find the perfect daisy arrangement for a teacher at FromYouFlowers.

spring bouquet


To go all out, nothing could make a teacher feel more special than the surprise delivery of a precious and exotic orchid. A symbol of beauty, resilience, and luxury, an orchid will ensure your teacher knows how valued they are.

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Other gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day


If you don’t think flowers for Teacher Appreciation Day are quite to your teacher’s taste, why not treat them to a houseplant instead? With mood-boosting properties that can impact productivity and sleep hygiene, plants are a wonderfully thoughtful present that can convey gratitude and appreciation. Here’s some helpful guides to finding the right plant for you.

Once you’ve selected the perfect thank you plant for a teacher, be sure to nab a great deal and fast delivery from one of these plant delivery companies.

Gift baskets and balloons

Other thoughtful gift ideas include gift baskets or special ‘thank you’ balloon deliveries. Gift baskets don’t just need to be for Easter, with many providers offering everything from fresh fruit baskets to gourmet cheese, meat, and chocolate hampers. Find the perfect gift basket or balloon delivery service by exploring our recommendations below.

There you have it! There are so many ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week that will guarantee every teacher knows how valued and appreciated they are.

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