The Best Online Fern Plant Delivery

The Best Online Fern Plant Delivery

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While we often think of them as outdoor shrubs, ferns also make for wonderful houseplants. Having these plants in the home adds lusciousness and leafy exuberance to any room or decor and can come in a small and compact form that will fit any space. 

Want to know where to buy ferns so you can add them to your indoor collection? Keep reading! This guide will show you just how easy it is to buy ferns online so you can have these beautiful plants delivered straight to your door!

So, if you’ve found yourself Googling ‘ferns for sale near me’ this article is for you!

Where can I buy ferns?

Where to buy ferns isn’t actually that difficult a question. The good news is that these plants are so popular you can buy them from almost anywhere! This is particularly true when buying them online. In fact, you can find fern plants for sale while purchasing an anniversary bouquet or a special arrangement for Mother’s Day

boston fern plants

Online flower delivery services like FromYouFlowers and SendFlowers- as well as offering stunning floral bouquets for every occasion from congratulating a colleague to sending get well wishes to someone in hospital - also sell fern plants in convenient planters.

With this in mind, here’s some of the best places to buy ferns online.


You might know FromYouFlowers as a place to buy Easter bouquets or Thanksgiving arrangements but did you know you can also buy houseplants at this online delivery store? FromYouFlowers offers a choice of fern planters you can purchase at affordable prices. 

There is the Blue Star Fern Planter or the Ruffled Fern Indoor Planter. Both have stunning fronds that cascade from chic white planters and, preferring indirect light, can thrive in a kitchen, living room or even an office space.

Best of all, FromYouFlowers is one of the best online fern plant delivery services because of its fast shipping. Definitely one of the advantages of ordering a fern plant as a last-minute gift from FromYouFlowers  is the fact they offer same-day delivery. This is available when you order before 3pm in the recipient’s time zone on Monday through Friday, or before 2pm or 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays respectively. 

To find out more about how FromYouFlowers works, check out our full review here


SendFlowers is another flower delivery company who can also deliver fern plants straight to your door. They too offer smaller indoor ruffled ferns that come in a white ceramic planter and are a perfect adornment to a bathroom or kitchen.

SendFlowers’ ruffled fern plants make particularly good gifts too. Coming in a gift box with a personalized card message, they’re ideal for sending to a loved one as a thank you, birthday wish, or even as a just because present.

SendFlowers usually delivers their plants and other products from Tuesday through Saturday every week, excluding some major holidays. Ordering before 12pm EST will ensure next day delivery - ideal for a last-minute gift!

For hanging fern plants, you can’t go wrong with This online plant service has a couple of hanging varieties of these plants that are sure to add some luscious interest to any interior. 

kokedama fern from

We particularly like their Lemon Button Fern Kokedama. Kokedama is a form of Japanese garden art, which literally means moss ball. A ball of soil is covered in moss and this functions as the planter container in which the lemon button grows. As a hanging plant, this Kokedama is therefore a more unusual choice for those wishing to bring some Japanese influence into their indoor gardens.

Related Post: The Symbolism of Japanese Flowers also has a variety of Boston fern hanging plants ranging from small to large sizes. With long, graceful fronds whose light green leaves create a ladder formation, Boston Ferns can grow up to four feet in width and three feet in height. 

Don’t forget that these plants are pet-friendly for the most part, so you don’t need to worry about any furry friends getting sick from them! For more, check out our review of


For the greatest selection of indoor fern plants in one place, it has to be LivelyRoot. This one-stop plant shop has an array of various fern plants which means you will be sure to find the perfect one (or two) to complete your home.

Choose from classics like the Lemon Button or Boston Fern or go for something truly exotic with LivelyRoot’s Maidenhair or Bird’s Nest varieties.

LivelyRoot has it all - including a host of educational resources for optimal plant care and a wide variety of accessories to complete an indoor garden. Fall in love with their range of plants here.

Where can I buy large outdoor ferns?

If you’re looking to buy large fern plants online, these are a little harder to find. You have a better chance of finding big ferns for sale in garden centers rather than most online plant delivery stores as ferns for sale online tend to be smaller houseplant varieties.

For more inspiration on outdoor shrubs that can transform your garden, provide privacy and add a touch of the tropical to your outdoor area, check out some of our plant guides.

How much are ferns?

The price of ferns really depends on the variety and size that you’re getting. Here’s a breakdown of the prices you can expect to pay when you order ferns from the above-mentioned websites:

  • FromYouFlowers: A blue star or ruffled fern planter costs roughtly $55 (excluding delivery and related charges).
  • SendFlowers: Prices start at approximately $54 not including any delivery or shipping charges.
  • A Kokedama at costs approximately $34.99, excluding delivery fees.
  • LivelyRoot: There are ferns for every budget at LivelyRoot. Prices start as low as $30 for a Boston or Maidenhair and go up as far as $50 for a Japanese Bird’s Nest variety. 

As you can see, these indoor houseplants are an affordable and low-maintenance option for most budgets. And, using one of these plant delivery services, you can have one delivered to your door with a few simple clicks!

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