The Best Flower Delivery for Easter

The Best Flower Delivery for Easter

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Eastertime is all about celebrating new life, rebirth, and fresh beginnings. Heralding Spring, it is a holiday that is often celebrated with beautiful flowers that represent the best of the season.

There are so many stunning Easter bouquet ideas out there that can help you decorate your home with glorious floral arrangements, or treat a loved one to a surprise delivery.

So, if you’re trying to find the best Easter flowers this Spring, keep reading. From the most symbolic blooms that epitomize the true meaning of this holiday to the budget-friendly delivery services that offer rapid flower delivery for Easter, this article has all of your celebratory needs covered.

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The best Easter flowers ideas

First things first: what are the blooms you should be including in Easter flower arrangements?

There are many flowers that are specially linked to this holiday and are often included in an Easter bouquet delivery. These are typically spring flowers in bright and pastel colors that represent the vitality of life and a celebration of new beginnings.

Daffodils are great Easter flowers

Think of cheery blooms such as daffodils, tulips, peonies, hyacinth, azaleas, crocuses, daisies, and hydrangeas. In short, anything that blooms in springs and offers up bright colors can be considered the perfect addition to any Easter bouquet ideas.

You can grow these in your garden and turn them into a cut flower arrangement come Eastertime or, if hoping to send Easter flowers to a friend or loved one, browse a flower delivery website for speedy delivery across the US of some of Spring’s freshest blooms.

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Where to buy Easter flowers

This leads us to where you can buy festive flowers if you don’t have the luxury of a glorious spring garden to pluck your blooms from.

One option is to go to your local florist for a specially-arranged bouquet or, if you’d like to save yourself some time and hassle, choosing an online delivery service provider is also a quick and easy way to have amazing and gorgeously arranged blooms delivered straight to your door!

The best thing about these online services is that they often offer same-day delivery so if you need a last-minute flower delivery by Easter and have run out of time to get to a florist, these providers are a reliable option.

FromYouFlowers, for example, offers a wonderful array of Easter flower specials that come with same-day delivery and discount options.

SendFlowers also offers cheap Easter flower arrangements that, despite being more inexpensive, remain high quality. Starting at $27.99, the bouquets available at SendFlowers offer a wide variety of color schemes and flower types, incorporating classic Easter blooms with vibrant greenery and some fun Easter novelties.

Easter floral arrangements for church

If curating a special arrangement for your church, here’s some of the best flowers that are both elegant and profoundly symbolic in the Christian faith.

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Easter Lily

The quintessential flower of this holiday, this white lily is a potent symbol of purity and innocence – a purity that is often associated with Jesus Christ. Lilies are often included in decorations for religious ceremonies as they are frequently mentioned in the Bible.

Easter Lily Plant


A delicate spring flower, the iris also carries Christian symbolism that makes it perfect to include in an Easter Church arrangement. Irises are closely linked to the Passion of Christ and resurrection, which explains why these blooms are a welcome addition to church decorations.

Baby’s breath

Another flower popular in many Church floral arrangements, the innocent and pure connotations of baby’s breath make it another fantastic Easter flower. Its delicate petals and pearly coloring works well as a finishing flourish in an arrangement.

Other Easter gifts 

Of course, there are lots of other ways to celebrate this holiday that don’t involve an Easter flowers’ delivery. For those who might prefer something edible or longer-lasting than an Easter bouquet, here’s some gift inspiration to satisfy everyone this Eastertime.

Gift baskets

It’s difficult to go wrong with a good gift basket, particularly if you order one from 1800Flowers. This online delivery service not only offers online flowers for Easter, it has a range of gift baskets that make for a sweet and satisfying alternative to fresh flowers.

Choose from Chocolate Gift Baskets filled with Chocolate Truffles or Chocolate Eggs; Candy Gift Baskets filled with Sweets such as Jellybeans or Gummy Bears; or Dessert Gift Baskets filled with Cookies or Popcorn. Shop the range here.

Easter gift baskets

FromYouFlowers also offers an Easter Egg floral basket that combines the very best of Easter floral designs – pastel-colored daisies, lilies, and roses – and combines it with festive pastel Easter eggs in an adorable woven basket.


Rather than including it in a flower arrangement, a lovely – and longer-lasting alternative – is to treat yourself or a loved one to an Easter Lily plant instead. This will mean you can enjoy watching this plant thrive and flourish long after the holiday season, brightening up your home with mood-boosting foliage and air-purifying properties. Find the perfect Easter Lily plant at online delivery specialists

An increasingly popular plant to give as a gift during this holiday is the Spring or Easter cactus. This type of succulent has colorful blossoms in beautiful spring and pastel colors that typically arrive at Eastertime. A symbol of rebirth, they make a lovely gift.

Check out the Spring cactus available at for more.

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