The Best Flower Delivery for Passover

The Best Flower Delivery for Passover

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An important holiday in the Jewish faith, Passover is a chance to come together with close friends and family and celebrate freedom. As ever, a thoughtful flower delivery on Passover is a simple but effective way to show a loved one you care.

Whether you are looking for the best floral arrangements to decorate your Seder table or you need the perfect gift to bring to a Passover celebration, here’s all of the best ideas and delivery options to commemorate this holiday with style and grace.

What is Passover and when is it celebrated?

According to Chabad, Passover is a Jewish holiday that lasts for eight days in the Hebrew month of Nissan in the springtime. In Hebrew, this special holiday is also known as Pesah or Pesach and is a commemoration of the safe delivery of the Israelites from slavery in Ancient Egypt. Passover gets its name from the passing over of God’s destructive forces when he “smote the land of Egypt” but spared the Jewish homes and firstborn. 

Passover is celebrated from the 15th to the 22nd of Nissan, which usually falls in March or April, and is commemorated with Seder meals and great ceremony. 

What role do flowers have in Passover?

Similar to Hanukkah, flowers are not central to Passover but they can enhance and honor the holiday. There are several ways a floral delivery can help to make this holiday special, either by acting as a Seder table centerpiece or acting as the perfect surprise delivery to treat a Jewish friend to. 

Just like many other busy holidays that require lots of preparation like Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, Passover is an occasion that benefits greatly from flower delivery services whose pre-arranged bouquets and same-day delivery options save celebrants time, money, and effort.

So, if joining in the Passover celebrations for the first time or searching for professional Passover flower arrangements to decorate your Seder table, using a delivery service that has tastefully arranged Passover bouquets is definitely a great option.

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The best Passover flower ideas

Focus on the Seder table

The Seder meal is one of the most pivotal parts of the Passover celebration so choose your flower delivery to coincide and complement this special family meal. Seder is held on the first night of Passover and is the perfect way to bring a flower delivery into the holiday. 

Seder Table

A floral centerpiece to crown and complete the Seder table is always a fantastic idea and so, whether you need a flower delivery for yourself or are attending a friend’s Seder table, be sure to order a centerpiece bouquet or arrangement for the first day of Passover to have them in time for that night’s dinner.

If you’re a last-minute buyer and forget to order your flower delivery in time, don’t worry! 1800Flowers offers same-day delivery for many arrangements when ordered before lunchtime, so you can still get the freshest spring flowers for Passover, even when running late!

Use blue and white colors

When it comes to the kinds of Passover flowers to send or use in an arrangement, use Hanukkah customs as your guide and template.

Similar to Hanukkah and as you will see when browsing flower delivery sites, there are no specific Passover flowers. However, once again, blue and white blooms - echoing the colors of the Israeli flag, the tallit, and carrying symbolic meanings in the Jewish faith - are best in any Passover arrangement.

Choosing a floral arrangement that incorporates these two deeply significant colors into its design is an elegant and meaningful way to make a flower delivery an integral part of a Passover celebration.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular white and blue flowers to consider when choosing a floral bouquet online or picking some blooms at home for a DIY arrangement:

White flowers to include in a delivery bouquet:

Passover flower ideas

Blue flowers to include in a delivery bouquet:

If looking for a reliable online delivery service that delivers across the US, FromYouFlowers offers a bespoke range of arrangements specifically for Jewish holidays. Browse their Hanukkah range to find a collection of bouquets available for year-round delivery that feature a mix of blue and white blooms that will perfectly complete your Passover table. Prices for these delivery bouquets begin at $33.99, with many offering same-day delivery.

Think Spring in your flower delivery

Of course, let’s not forget that Passover occurs in spring. Thus, aside from blue and white flowers, any Springtime bloom will be a welcome addition to a Passover flower delivery.

Many families who celebrate Passover will do so by using spring flowers like daffodils, tulips, peonies, and hyacinth to liven up their Seder table or home. Passover is ultimately a celebration of freedom and commemorates the delivery of the Jewish people from persecution. Your flower displays should reflect that, so don’t be afraid to choose vibrant and joyful Springtime blossoms in your flower delivery.

A BloomsyBox subscription is perfect for this. Offering weekly, fortnightly, or monthly delivery subscriptions of seasonal, farm-fresh blooms, you will be guaranteed a delivery of stunning Spring flowers you can then easily use as your Passover centerpiece. Easy!

As you can see, there is so much versatility and creativity when it comes to celebrating this holiday with gifts of flowers. Being held in a season of such wonderful growth and blooming, be sure to celebrate Passover by honoring the beauty of spring, life, and freedom. That’s what this holiday is about, after all.

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