How to Send Flowers to a Hospital

How to Send Flowers to a Hospital

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Sending flowers to someone in hospital is such a thoughtful gesture that can go a long way towards someone’s recovery. However, knowing how to go about getting a floral arrangement into a hospital room can seem a bit tricky.

Until now! Here’s how to send flowers to someone in the hospital as well as a guide to the best blooms to include in your get well soon bouquet.

Can I send flowers to the hospital?

Generally, it is possible to send flowers to a hospital room, especially if using a delivery service. In these cases, sending flowers to hospital is much the same as ordering a home delivery. 

Get Well Soon Flowers

However, there are often instances where flowers for hospital patients are not allowed. The reasons for this could be due to the illness of the patient or the part of the hospital they are confined to, which might have strict rules around hygiene and contamination. 

In these instances, it might be possible to send a hospital gift that has a lower risk of contamination or causing allergies, like a special get well soon balloon or a thoughtful gift basket. Explore the best online balloon services in this guide or check out some of the leading basket delivery services you can send to a loved one in hospital here.

But before you give up on the idea of ordering flowers for someone in hospital, check out these tips on how to know if and when you can send flowers to hospital.

How to send flowers to a hospital

The incredibly thoughtful gesture of sending a nice floral arrangement to somebody sick, recovering from an injury or perhaps celebrating something wonderful like having a baby in a hospital, only requires a few simple steps. These are:

Check with the hospital to make sure flower deliveries are allowed

This might seem like a simple step but it’s a crucial one because, as mentioned above, not every hospital is able to accept floral bouquets for their patients. The very first thing you need to do is call the hospital front desk and ask, not only if they allow flowers but if they are specifically allowed in the hospital ward or room where the patient you want to send them to is staying.

Hospital Flowers

Find out the hospital’s best delivery time

Once you’ve been given the all-clear from the hospital front desk, the next thing to do is find out when the best time to have your flowers delivered is. Hospitals are extremely busy places that are endlessly bursting with patients, visitors, and deliveries coming or going. Timing your delivery time to ensure it will reach a loved one as soon as possible is vital - you don’t want it wilting in a reception area for a day. So, if possible, ask if there is a quieter day or time when your flowers can be given to a patient faster.

Choose the perfect flowers!

Armed with permission to deliver flowers and the knowledge of the best time to send them, you are well on your way to completing this grand gesture. All you have to do now is choose the best flowers for the occasion - we’ll cover this in greater depth in the next section.

Exclude the room number from your flower delivery order

According to SendFlowers, it’s actually better not to put a hospital room number on your floral order. The reason for this is that patients are often moved around in hospitals and by the time your flowers arrive to the designated room, your loved one could already have been transferred to a different suite or ward. Instead, SendFlowers recommends just including the patient’s name on the order. This will be enough to ensure they get to the right person as fast as possible. 

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What flowers should I send in a hospital flower delivery?

Now, perhaps the most important part! What flowers should you include in your hospital arrangement?

First of all, the most important thing to bear in mind when choosing blooms for a hospital delivery is who you are sending them to and the reason they are in hospital in the first place. 

For somebody bringing a baby into the world, a celebratory bouquet is necessary which should feature bright and vibrant colors that represent joy, new beginnings, and hope. Any spring flowers would be suited for this kind of bouquet like tulips or daffodils. Of course, it’s equally hard to go wrong with some sunflowers.

For somebody with a short-term illness, get well soon bouquets that again feature cheering colors like yellows, oranges, and hot pinks are also best. Choose blooms like roses, lilies, daisies or carnations for these bouquets. If your gift is for a man and you’re not sure what flower types or colors he likes, read this guide on buying flowers for men for inspiration!

Daisies and white flowers are good hospital gifts

Finally, for someone who might be very unwell or elderly, choosing a white-themed bouquet is a good option. Calming, soothing, and tranquil, using white or pale and pastel flowers in soft pinks, purples, blues, or creams can help create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation for someone in pain. 

Things to avoid when sending flowers to a hospital

Unlike most other occasions, it’s usually better to avoid sending very large bouquets to a hospital. Instead, send smaller arrangements so they are easier to maintain, don’t take up a lot of space, and don’t interfere with the work of the doctors and nurses. 

It’s also wise to avoid heavily fragranced blooms which could affect other people in a patient’s room. 

Finally, choose something that is low maintenance and long-lasting. Go for blooms with woody stems that therefore won’t require too much upkeep and will remain fresh and vibrant for longer. Here’s a guide to some of the best long-lasting cut flowers.

The best flower delivery services for sending flowers to a hospital

Wherever you live in the US, there is certainly a fast and reliable delivery service that specializes in delivering flowers to hospital. However, some companies are definitely a step above the rest, not only offering same-day delivery and affordable pricing, but even making the decisions of what flowers to choose easy with bespoke hospital and get well soon arrangements.

For bespoke hospital arrangements complete with balloon and vase add-ons, choose any one of these flower delivery companies:

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