How to Send Flowers to a Church

How to Send Flowers to a Church

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Whether it’s to honor a wedding celebration or offer your sympathies at a funeral, sending flowers to a church is often a way people want to express their empathy or emotions for an important event. 

But is there a correct way to do it? Is it even advised to send flowers to a church? Here’s everything you need to know about delivering floral bouquets or arrangements to a church for every kind of religious occasion.

Can you send flowers to a church?

Just like sending a floral bouquet to a hospital, school teacher, or someone’s office, it is of course possible to send flowers to a church. However, depending on the reason for wishing to deliver a posy or arrangement of blooms to a church, it might not always be the best idea.

church flowers

In other words, just because you can send floral arrangements to a church, it doesn’t mean you should. This is because churches host many different events in their busy calendar which means that your flowers - particularly when sent for a specific occasion like a friend’s wedding or loved one’s funeral - might get lost, misplaced, or hidden in all of the bustling activity.

It also means the impact of your blooms might be short-lived, as they could remain in the church long after the end of the occasion you wished to honor. It is likely that they will be cleared away at the end of a ceremony and might not be taken home by family members or friends to enjoy. It also puts extra hassle on a family to have your arrangement transported somewhere after a christening, wedding or funeral.

Therefore, unless you are sending an arrangement to a particular church to be enjoyed by its clergy people or congregation, we would advise against sending anything to a church specifically. Instead, try sending flowers to a funeral home or directly to the residence of the family who might be celebrating or commemorating a big religious event, as they are far more likely to know exactly what to do with such a thoughtful gift.

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How to send flowers to church

However, if you think sending a bouquet straight to a church is the most appropriate course of action, follow the below steps to ensure your delivery will arrive safely.

  • Call the church prior to placing your order to ensure there will be someone there to receive them
  • Then, ensure the delivery service you choose is able to deliver your arrangement within this pre-arranged time
  • If you wish to send flowers to a church for a particular event, we recommend arranging to have them delivered as early as possible on the morning of this event, to ensure they can be set up and displayed with lots of time to spare
  • Choose an arrangement that will fit the style and tone of the church and occasion you are sending them for
  • Confirm with the church as soon as you have placed your order so they know to expect you!

What flowers do you send to church?

The kind of flowers you will send to a church will depend on the occasion you are sending them for. As we know, flowers carry many symbolic meanings and so it is crucial to choose flowers that will echo and complement whatever church event you wish to honor.

However, the most common reason for sending flowers to a church is usually for a funeral ceremony. Therefore, the flowers you wish to have delivered to church should be in harmony with this occasion that is about grief and loss but also about celebrating life and honoring a special loved one.

The flowers that are best suited to church funerals are undoubtedly lilies, roses, carnations and chrysanthemums

lilies church

These flowers also work well in wedding flower arrangements - alongside more unstructured greenery or seasonal blooms like sweet peas, hydrangeas and delphiniums.

The best delivery services for sending flowers to church

One of the most important things to look out for when wishing to send flowers to a church is timing. If you wish to have flowers delivered in time for a funeral or other religious service, you need to use a reliable flower delivery company that can ensure your flowers are delivered on time and in the best possible condition. 

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you, compiling a list of some of the best national flower delivery services that work with local florists all over the United States to guarantee fast - and often same-day! - delivery of the freshest flowers. So, wherever you are in the country or wherever you need to send a flower wreath, casket spray, or thoughtful bouquet to, you’ll be in safe hands with any of the following:

  • For Same Day Delivery: 1800Flowers
  • For Affordable Pricing: SendFlowers
  • For Variety: FromYouFlowers
  • For Sustainability: BloomsyBox

Again, if you are particularly looking to send flowers for a funeral service, you’ll find that many delivery companies offer funeral-specific arrangements that are ready to be delivered straight to a church, cemetery or funeral home. For a full breakdown of these companies and the etiquette surrounding flower-giving at funerals, read our tips for sending flowers to a funeral here.

Or head straight to the sympathy collections below for an incredible array of bespoke and touching arrangements.

For more, read this guide to the Top 3 Same Day Funeral Flowers Delivery.

Floral arrangements almost indubitably enhance every kind of church occasion and celebration. Sending them to the correct place, and choosing an appropriate bouquet, wreath or arrangement are simple ways to ensure this enhancement is as potent and positive as possible.

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