The best flowers for mom

The best flowers for mom

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Written by Hannah Kingston on September 14, 2021

Where can you get the best flowers for mom? We talk you through some of the best flower options for moms with fast online delivery including the best options for each type of mom. 

Best flowers for mom

1800Flowers - For the mom who wants flowers and something extra

1800Flowers is the best option if you are looking for variety. You can treat your mom to flowers, plants, gift baskets, gourmet food, wine and keepsake gifts. 1800Flowers also offers  gift baskets with special dietary requirements. 1800 Flowers provide relatively affordable pricing compared to a lot of their competitors with same day delivery all year around. 1800Flowers delivery to 195 countries with a convenient tracking system included in their service. 

If you’re looking for a variety of beautiful blooms and more, 1800Flowers is the option for you. 

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From You Flowers - For the jet-setter mom offers their services and gifting experiences to over 140 countries so you have access to the flowers, plants and gifts that your heart desires, if you mom tends to fly around the globe, From You Flowers has you covered. offers an impressive and comprehensive service. Customers can send flowers online with the expectation of good pricing and a wide variety of options when it comes to flowers, plants and gift baskets. 

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Bloomsy Box - Best for treating your mom on the regular

Bloomsy Box offer the best flowers for mom, if you want to schedule in regular deliveries. 

BloomsyBox manages to deliver high-quality farm-fresh flowers at affordable prices and they have over half a dozen subscription plans to choose from. BloomsyBox is the best place to order flowers online if you’re looking for a subscription box. 

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Teleflora - Best for mom’s who want to support small businesses

Teleflora has been in operation for over 80 years and offer a range of beautiful flowers from small local florists all year round. What’s more, Teleflora offer a flat rate service fee for all orders that are to be delivered in the U.S. and Canada.

Teleflora offers a great range of flowers no matter what your budget so as well as supporting small businesses, you will be able to find a bunch that matches your budget. 

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Enjoy Flowers - For moms who love flower arranging

Overall, Enjoy Flowers’ offer reliable delivery times, relatively affordable prices, and a selection of high-quality products. The most unique subscription is the DIY Collection.With this subscription, you can order beautiful bundles of 20, 30, or 40 to your mom who can arrange the flowers herself. 

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Send Flowers - For gifters on a budget

Sendflower’s mission is to help you express your sentiment through beautiful flowers, priced right and delivered on time.

“We strive to serve you the way we would want to be served: personally, professionally and honestly. We know you expect a lot from us. We know your gift isn’t so much about the physical thing but rather what is in your heart. We will treat each of your gifts as if it was a delivery to one of our own family members, friends or business associates.”

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Lively Root - Best for moms who prefer plants

Lively Root is dedicated to providing its customers with only the best plants and this is why they have an eco-friendly guarantee.


Furthermore, they also provide customers with an in-depth library of plant care information and guides. Lively Root is one of the best plant delivery services if you’re hoping to gift your friends with plants. 

Visit - For mom’s who value quality truly special is the trustworthy relationships that they have fostered with floral professionals throughout the United States. This partnership offers several benefits, such as extremely competitive prices as well as incredibly fast and reliable delivery times. However, one of the biggest benefits is that as a customer you can feel good knowing that you are still helping to support local businesses when you shop at

Read Review - Best for mom’s who work in an office 

Does your mom want to jazz up her office desk? Well has you covered! One of the companies’ most popular categories on their website is their succulents.

As a result, has heavily marketed itself to individuals that have busy lives (or hectic homes) and need low maintenance plants that will forgive you if you forget to water them now and again.

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Ode à la Rose - For mom’s who love roses 

As Ode à la Rose states on its website, the company was founded by “2 French guys who couldn’t find nice flowers in NYC”.Ode à la Rose does have a diverse selection of flowers but most of their popularity comes from their rose bouquets.

The company also focuses on minimalistic and balanced bouquets, with the owner being of the mindset that a bouquet does not need more than three varieties of flowers.

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