Top Benefits of Signing Up for a Flower Subscription Service

Top Benefits of Signing Up for a Flower Subscription Service

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Are you contemplating buying a flower subscription gift for either yourself or a loved one? Wondering why choose flower subscriptions over once-off flower arrangements? Then this flower subscription review that discusses the benefits of using these kinds of services is for you! 

Flower subscriptions are a rolling prepaid or ongoing service whereby you receive a regular delivery of flowers at a frequency of your choice. Typically, most flower subscription services offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly options, with monthly flower deliveries being the most popular.

Ensuring a Regular Supply of Fresh Flowers

Freshness Guaranteed

One of the best things about flower subscription boxes is how much they prioritize seasonal blooms. While one-off arrangements are often tied to using particular flowers, the best flower subscriptions instead focus on seasonality, using their monthly flower deliveries to showcase the best flowers of the season. Not only does this make every arrangement unique, it also means flowers are as fresh as possible. 

Bouqs and Co. in particular is an online flower delivery service that champions a fresh and seasonal approach to subscription flowers. For flower care tips to get even longer from your blooms, read these helpful guides to longer-lasting flowers:

Variety of Flowers

Buying a once-off bouquet often means buying an arrangement that isn’t customizable and uses the same flowers (which tend to be popular blooms you are used to seeing in most florists’ arrangements). One of the big monthly flower subscription benefits is the wide variety of flowers you get to enjoy with each monthly delivery. 

seasonal flowers offer variety

As we mentioned, the best flower subscription services always focus on seasonality, taking care to choose the best blooms that are in season each month. This means that not only is your bouquet ridiculously fresh but it also boasts an impressive variety of unusual seasonal flowers that change according to the season. BloomsyBox would be one of our top recommendations when it comes to flower subscription reviews on variety and selection.

So, if variety is something you prize in your life, the mixture of flowers on show is definitely a reason why you should choose flower subscriptions.

Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness of Flower Subscriptions

No More Last-Minute Shopping

Let’s be honest, trying to find flowers to brighten up your home for a dinner party or send quickly to a friend can be stressful and time-consuming. One of the biggest benefits of a flower delivery service subscription service is that all that hassle is taken away from you!

When you sign up to a flower subscription service, one benefit is the satisfaction of knowing there is nothing else you need to do but look forward to your weekly or monthly delivery. Every month, fresh flowers will be delivered to your door with no stress, no last-minute panic and no compromise on quality. Oh, and the best flower subscription services also save you money, with flower delivery subscription costs waived or reduced. If you subscribe to Bouqs and Co., you can even change your delivery details as much as you want at no extra cost!

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Savings Over Time

It’s true, one of the greatest monthly flower subscription benefits is the savings you can make on each flower order.  It might surprise you to know that flower delivery subscription costs are often significantly lower than purchasing a one-off arrangement. 

This is because most flower delivery services will offer discounts on subscriptions as they are a regular purchase by the consumer. Not only can each bouquet be cheaper (particularly if you commit to longer packages such as a six-month or one-year subscription) but the best flower subscription services also offer free delivery for subscription packages. This can be a huge saving when hidden shipping and delivery fees often turn an affordable bouquet into a more expensive luxury.

Further savings on flower delivery subscription costs are offered through prepaid services (UrbanStems is a great shout for a prepaid bargain). So get ordering and get saving!

flower subscription costs

Flower Subscriptions as Gifts and Decorations

The Perfect Gift Solution

Flowers are such a wonderful gift for a loved one, conveying so many things from our love and admiration to our support and thoughtfulness during a difficult time. The only issue with sending a bouquet of flowers is the fact that, eventually, they die (though you can avoid this by choosing longer-lasting flowers or by practicing some good flower care with this guide).

A flower subscription gift, on the other hand, is the gift that keeps on giving. The best flower subscription services are designed to make the perfect gift for a loved-one with short and fixed subscriptions of three and six months. It’s such a beautiful way to give a long-lasting and meaningful gift that will bring continuous joy to someone, month on month! Yet another reason why choosing flower subscriptions is the best!

Enhancing Home Decor

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you how a stunning arrangement of flowers can completely transform any room in your home, whether they’re taking center stage on a dining room table or adding some color to your coffee table

However, most of us don’t have the time to regularly replace flowers to ensure a consistently warm and inviting home decor. Flower subscription gifts change this. Having a monthly flower subscription benefits your home in the best possible way, as it ensures a constant rotation of vibrant flowers that help to bring the outdoors indoors. 

As discussed, the best flower subscription services always curate their bouquets to match the seasons which means your living space can take on the colors and hues of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, creating a warm and inviting decor that will have you never wanting to leave your house!


Why choose flower subscription services? We think this article has more than answered this question! Whether it’s lower flower delivery subscription costs, the focus on offering variety or the benefits of flower subscription gifts for a loved one, there are so many benefits of choosing flower delivery services monthly packages.

Explore the convenience and joy a flower subscription can bring to your life or the life of someone you love by signing up with a service today. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered, with flower subscription reviews of three of the best providers in the US here.

Still want to know more about how monthly flower subscriptions work? Check out our guide: Comprehensive Guide to Flower Subscription Services: What You Need to Know

Happy subscribing!

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