How To Send Birthday Balloons

How To Send Birthday Balloons

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When it’s not possible to be with a loved one for a special occasion, whether that’s a birthday, anniversary, or even the birth of a new baby, a surprise delivery of balloons is an excellent way to still be a part of someone’s special day. Bright, colorful, and joyous, these are a great gift that add fun to every occasion. 

Knowing where and how to send birthday balloons is also really easy. With a few simple clicks, you can have a stunning balloon or even cardalloon delivery floating its way towards someone you love, just in time to tell them you love them on Galentine’s or to get well soon after a visit to the hospital!

So, if you have ever asked ‘How do I send balloons?’ when trying to organize a birthday present, this article is here to show you how. 

How To Send Birthday Balloons

How to send birthday balloons

Sending balloons for a birthday is exactly the same as sending a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant. The secret is to find a trustworthy and high-quality delivery service that is guaranteed to deliver balloon gifts and baskets in your intended recipient’s area. 

These services take all the hassle out of organizing an online birthday balloon order. With customized bouquets or cardalloons to browse on their website and fast (even same-day) delivery, delivery services make ordering these novelty gifts as easy as a few simple clicks. 

In fact, the hardest part of organizing a birthday balloon surprise is deciding which delivery option to choose from! Across the US, there are myriad companies who work with local suppliers to deliver ‘air-rangement’ bouquets for a number of special occasions such as:

To make it even easier to find the right birthday balloons for you, here’s our top three delivering companies in the US, who offer nationwide delivery and lots of different balloon options to ensure you can find and send the perfect birthday gift.

The best balloon bouquets for birthday parties: 1800Flowers

If you want to add a splash of color and fun to a party, you can’t go wrong with a balloon bouquet - especially one from 1800Flowers. These offer variety, color, and can add an interesting installation or decoration to any kind of party or event.

1800Flowers offers a wide selection of ‘Air-Rangements’ – bouquets of a dozen or half dozen novelty balloons that can be delivered to your door the same afternoon you order them!

balloon bouquets

So, if you need some extra, last-minute decorations delivered for a birthday party, these air-rangements are undoubtedly the best option. With prices beginning at $39.99 for these helium delivery packages, 1800Flowers is also a great value option for someone wanting to make a big impression on a smaller budget.

Find out more about what this online store offers flower lovers as well by reading our comprehensive review here.

The best balloon gift baskets: SendFlowers

We love a good gift basket here at TopFlowerDelivery and the SendFlowers gift baskets that also feature a novelty ‘Happy Birthday’ balloon are hard to beat! 

With a few simple clicks, you can order a special gift that is the perfect way to celebrate a friend or partner becoming another year older (and hopefully wiser) from this online store and even get same day delivery!

What we like about the baskets at SendFlowers’ is that they come as part of a bigger – and more personal – gift package. Specially-paired with other treats, their balloons really do convey the love and joy many of us want to express on a loved one’s birthday. Find out more about what SendFlowers offers for a whole host of occasions here.

The best birthday cardalloon: FTD

If you want to add a personalized message to your balloon delivery - as well as a unique surprise - choosing a cardalloon option is definitely the way to go. A cardalloon is a one-of-a-kind greeting card, combining the personal message of a card  with the surprising joy of a cheering balloon! The balloon comes contained within a gift box that has your personalized message written on its outside. At the push of a button, the balloon auto-inflates, bursting out of the box and thus adding a surprising and unexpected element to this gift box delivery.

FTD’s timeless Cardalloon selection is a great idea for a surprising birthday gift with birthday cake balloons packed inside boxes that you can personalize with your own warm messages of birthday love.

Priced at $65, these cardalloons are more expensive than some of the other delivery providers but definitely worth it if you want to make someone feel truly special. Browse their full range of cardalloon packages here.

How do you send balloons from abroad?

If you’re based outside of the US and wondering if you too can send balloons to a loved one on their birthday, the answer is yes! Whether you live in another state, in neighboring Canada, or on the other side of the world in the UK, the process for sending birthday balloons is the same! We’ve compiled an easy-to-follow list of things to remember when ordering your balloons online. 

Things to remember when ordering balloons online

  • Browse delivery providers to find one that delivers to your recipient’s area
  • Select your chosen bouquet or novelty balloon from the company’s options
  • Check their estimated delivery times to ensure your delivery can reach the recipient person!
  • Enter the recipient’s address carefully to ensure there’s no mix-ups!
  • Pay at the check out and then track your order where possible

Balloons are such a fun way to say ‘happy birthday’ and can be a welcome surprise on someone’s special day. If you haven’t sent this kind of gift before, this could be the year you try! Using one of the above companies, you won’t regret it!

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