How to Send Flowers From the UK to the USA

How to Send Flowers From the UK to the USA

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The language of flowers is universal, transcending states and countries with their messages of love, devotion, sympathy, and friendship. Sending flowers to someone living abroad is therefore such a wonderful way to feel close to them, even when oceans might divide you.

While it’s not always possible to be with the people we love at every major life event – from funerals to job promotions to welcoming new life into the world – we can be there in spirit with a well-chosen flower delivery.

And, because flower delivery services in countries like the USA often offer fast delivery options with many sending your flowers on the same day they get the order, sending flowers internationally is the fastest way to get a gift to a friend or loved one.

Particularly when it comes to sending flowers to America from the UK. Organizing a flower delivery to the USA from the UK might feel time-consuming and difficult – are you supposed to ship flowers from a florist in the UK all the way to America? – the truth is, it’s as easy as ordering flowers at home, especially if you use online flower delivery providers.

Here’s how to send flowers to America from the UK and, indeed, anywhere in the world.

flower delivery from the UK to the USA

Organizing international flower delivery USA

So. A friend in the USA is going through a difficult time and you want to support them by sending them a bouquet of their favorite flowers – a bunch of allium and camassia flowers, perhaps, or maybe a cheery bouquet of friendship blooms.

The one catch is that you live in the UK. What can you do? Do you need to spend hours researching local florists in their state trying to find the perfect one? How do you know which florist to trust with such an important and personal task?

While it is often best to use a local florist in the USA to send your flowers, finding this florist is made so much easier by using national flower delivery companies to send your bouquet. Using one of these nationwide services in the USA is the best and cheapest way to send flowers from the UK. These businesses often partner with local florists in states and cities across the US – from Chicago to New York, Houston to Las Vegas – to ensure the flowers you send come with same day delivery.

In short, using an online company takes the hassle out of finding a local florist and makes sending flowers to the USA or organizing a bouquet delivery as easy as a few simple clicks.

What is the best way to send flowers to the USA from the UK?

So how does this process work when wanting to send flowers to someone in America? Well, it’s much the same as organizing a bouquet delivery to someone at a school or church.

  1. Find your preferred delivery service and ensure it offers delivery options in your recipient’s area.
  2. Select the chosen arrangement you want to send from their website catalog.
  3. Input the recipient’s address and details, taking care to look at estimated delivery times and cut-off deadlines for same day delivery.
  4. Pay and track your order.

As you can see, it couldn’t be easier to send a bouquet to America! In fact, the only difficult part is choosing the delivery company to send your flowers from, as there are so many fantastic options in the USA.

flower delivery  to the USA

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you, researching various competitors. Keeping in mind affordability, accessibility, and the overall quality of the bouquets offered, here’s four of the best flower delivery companies to consider when sending floral arrangements to someone in the US.


With almost five decades of experience in the flower industry, you can trust1800Flowers to deliver affordable and beautiful flowers not only to most states in America, but even to many countries around the world. This flower, gift, and plant one-stop delivery shop has a global network of local florists that are primed and ready to deliver bouquets all over America. This is a significant advantage to using this particular service, as many companies are limited to only delivering to the contiguous states in America.

You can choose to order direct shipment flowers which will arrive in a box fresh from floral fields around the world via UPS, FedEx or USPS. Alternatively, 1800Flowers also offer a local florist option, where your chosen bouquet will be curated by a local business and hand-delivered to your desired address.

Affordably priced, 1800Flowers is a reliable choice for sending flowers from the UK. Read more about this service here.


As the name suggests, SendFlowers is the perfect service for sending flowers to a loved one near or far away. Similar to 1800Flowers, SendFlowers works with a network of local florist partners to ensure you can send or receive the freshest bouquets as soon as possible!

Working with these local partners, Send Flowers offers an impressive array of occasion, seasonal, and custom flower arrangements (we love their lily selection). Best of all, SendFlowers is great for those on a budget, with affordable pricing and regular discount and sale options on many of their delivery arrangements.


FromYouFlowers is hard to beat for organizing a delivery of a dozen roses or a Thanksgiving arrangement to a friend in the US, particularly with its affordable same day delivery options. With FromYouFlowers, ordering before 3pm in the recipient’s time zone will even ensure same day delivery of your bouquet for only $2.99 extra. 

One thing we particularly like about sending bouquets with FromYouFlowers is that there’s the option to track and review your order online. You can review your order history, so you have a saved history of favorite bouquets to review and use again whenever you need to send flowers quickly.

Find out more about FromYouFlowers with our full review here.

Same day delivery to the USA


Finally, if you want a loved one in the USA to regularly be surprised with bouquet deliveries to their door, consider the unparalleled delivery subscription services of BloomsyBox.

With BloomsyBox, you can have farm-fresh, ethically-sourced bouquets delivered to a friend on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis - all with a few clicks online. These blooms are uniquely arranged and are sourced from the season’s best flowers, so you can expect to enjoy everything from peonies to rosestulips to lilies, every month. 

This would make for a great Christmas or birthday present, with a monthly bouquet perhaps even featuring monthly birth flowers - a great way to make a whole household feel special!

Living away from loved ones can be tough, but showing them you care by sending them a bouquet or floral arrangement couldn’t be easier! Now you know how easy it is, don’t miss the opportunity to make someone’s day by organizing a floral delivery to a friend in the USA.

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