Birth Month Flowers Meaning Guide: What's my Birth Flower?

Birth Month Flowers Meaning Guide: What's my Birth Flower?

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Is there such a thing as birth flowers? While you might be familiar with birthstones and zodiac signs, did you know that there are also corresponding birth flowers for every month? 

Just as a zodiac sign can determine personality traits and birthstones can give the wearer powerful protection, birth flowers carry special meanings that can reveal secret parts of yourself or a loved one!

Flowers of the month charts illustrate which plants are particular to each month of the calendar. Keep reading to find out what each of these plants are and the symbolism they hold for anybody born in that month.

January birth flowers

January is usually a month of deep winter for most states in the US. After the hubbub of busy holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, January is a time of hibernation for both the human and plant worlds.

It makes sense then, that in this season of quiet, the birth flowers for January are both the carnation and snowdrop. As one of the hardiest winter plants that is the first to pop its head up before the full spring awakening, snowdrops represent resilience in overcoming life’s trials and rebirth.

Carnations, meanwhile, in their bright and boisterous range of colors, are winter-blooming plants that represent, amongst many things, admiration, remembrance, and devoted love. The fact that they bloom in winter months also means they are symbolic of hope.

Therefore, January’s birth flowers both carry meanings of new beginnings and regeneration, making the perfect ‘just because’ bouquet for a January baby!

February birth flowers

Despite being the month that houses one of the biggest holidays, February’s birth flowers are not the roses we so often give on Valentine’s Day. Instead, this month is represented by violets and primroses.

February flowers are violets and primroses

Despite roses not featuring as the birth blossoms of this month, there is definitely a love theme to February’s chosen plants. With their heart-shaped petals, violets were historically used in love potions.  Otherwise, these delicate purple flowers symbolize courage, humility, virtue, and wisdom. 

Primroses, with their cheering yellow faces, are one of the earliest spring blooms to grace our hedgerows and gardens. In fact, the name primrose comes from the Latin word ‘primus’ which literally translates to first or early. Today, this birth flower represents youthfulness and young love.

March birth flowers

Stepping into brighter days, March is a month that is all about change and excitement as Spring unfurls. It isn’t surprising then that this month’s birth flowers symbolize these feelings of expectant hope and happiness.

The sunny daffodil and jonquil with their brightly-colored petals and boisterous noses best represent people born in this month. Gifting a March baby a bouquet of these narcissus varieties - or surprising them with some bulbs to plant in their garden - is a thoughtful and unique birthday gift idea.

If you are a BloomsyBox subscriber, you might get lucky and find some of these glorious blooms in your March bouquet!

April birth flowers

The sweet pea and the daisy are the blooms for April babies. While often found growing wild out in nature, you can still celebrate a loved one born in April with a bouquet of gerbera daisies from online delivery services like SendFlowers. Daisies are also often considered the best flower to give a new mother after giving birth to a baby!

May birth flowers

May babies are represented by flowers that connote purity, innocence, fertility, and all-encompassing love. Yes, that’s right, the May birth flowers are the richly symbolic hawthorn and lily of the valley. Both are swathed in rich meaning, adding a fleeting but ethereal beauty to a May bouquet.

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May's birth flower are the lily of the valley

June birth flowers

June birth flowers are most definitely the blooms of love. The rose and honeysuckle are the emblematic blossoms for this month, with both of these plants carrying strong meanings of devotion, affection, and romantic love. 

To honor these birth flowers, plant sweet-smelling honeysuckle as a climbing vine (we recommend using it to hide garbage cans), and treat yourself to a bouquet of the most sumptuous roses from FromYouFlowers.

July birth flowers

Delphiniums and water lilies are the dignified and striking birth flowers for July babies. In shades of blue and purple, delphiniums symbolize open-heartedness, grace, and positivity. 

Water lilies, meanwhile, with their tropical look, are symbols of peace, balance, and unity, which is why they are so often found in Japanese-themed gardens.

August birth flowers

For the last of the hot summer months, colorful and bold blooms are essential to convey the vitality of August. Therefore, the blooms for this month are of course the gladiolus and poppy. Displaying many colors amongst them, these plants combined represent strength of character, integrity, and honesty (the gladiolus) and relaxation, healing, and recovery (the poppy).

Gladiolus is also one of South Africa’s most popular native plants.

September birth flowers

The star-power of asters and the magic rarity of morning glories combine to symbolize September babies. Both of these flowers represent the valor, strength, and capacity for love that many people born in September exhibit. 

In fact, both plants share characteristics attributed to the Virgo zodiac sign which mainly covers most people born in September. Read about Virgo zodiac flowers and symbols here.

October birth flowers

October is when most of the US experiences fall in full swing, as leaves change, and a season of harvesting begins. With this in mind, October birth flowers are, of course, the marigold and cosmos.

Marigolds and cosmos are October's birth flower

The autumnal coloring of marigolds in their shades of orange, red, and yellow make them an obvious choice for this month. However, as these blooms symbolize passion, determination, and warmth, they are also perfect representations of this month.

Cosmos flowers, on the other hand, are the cooling complement to this fiery passion, denoting tranquility and peace.

November birth flowers

November babies are so unique that they only have one bloom to represent all of their complex splendor: the chrysanthemum. 

The many colors of this flower - that is a staple in a Mother’s Day bouquet or romantic arrangement from 1800Flowers - means that it carries a myriad of meanings. However, in general, chrysanthemums symbolize the joy and happiness that radiates from those born in November. 

December birth flowers

Finally, the birth flowers for the final month of the year are the epitome of the celebratory atmosphere of December: holly and narcissus.

Though very different in appearance, both of these plants are symbols of fertility, new life, rejuvenation, and loyalty. This makes them the perfect plants to end a year and to illustrate the faithful friendship December babies bring to each relationship.

Now you know the birth flowers and meaning for each month, you can tailor your birthday bouquets to make someone feel even more special with the plants and flowers that best represent their personality and energy! It’s such a simple but thoughtful way to show someone just how much you care.

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