Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas

Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas

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A bereavement is a terrible thing for anybody to experience and, when it happens to someone you know, you immediately want to find a way to support the bereaved while letting them know you care. While sending flowers to a funeral is a popular idea, it’s not always appropriate and can be tricky to organize.

This is where sympathy basket deliveries can be a helpful and practical way to support anyone who is going through a bereavement. Food baskets for grieving families provide sustenance and a practical solution to the stress of trying to find and prepare food when in mourning. 

Not only will bereavement food baskets save families the time and worry around eating properly, they can convey your love, support and condolences in a thoughtful way. So, if you’ve never heard of mourning gift baskets or have wondered the best way to order and organize a condolences basket delivery, this article is for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about sympathy basket deliveries, from when to send them to tips on where to find the best bereavement fruit baskets

When do you give sympathy baskets?

A grief basket delivery is appropriate for anyone suffering a bereavement. It’s a thoughtful way to express sympathy and condolences to either a close family member, friend or even a colleague and can be an appropriate funeral gift for most religions. This is why a food or gift basket is a great option instead of traditional funeral flowers: it works well for lots of different relationships and can be the ideal way to let a colleague or acquaintance know that you are thinking of them without being too personal.

sympathy food baskets

What’s in a sympathy basket?

So, what’s in one of these gift hampers and what should you keep in mind when looking for gift basket ideas for sympathy?

Like most gift hampers, a sympathy basket can contain anything you think is suitable! This could be a selection of nibbles in a sympathy snack basket, lots of fresh produce in a fruit basket for a funeral reception or other thoughtful gift items.

Keep reading for some of our favorite sympathy hamper ideas.

Sympathy basket ideas

A gourmet sympathy gift basket from FromYouFlowers

As you probably know, the passing away of a loved one often means the organizing of lots of social gatherings that require many snacks and nibbles. Organizing all of this food for guests and unexpected visitors can be stressful for a grieving family, which is why a hamper from FromYouFlowers is such a thoughtful idea.

FromYouFlowers specializes in gourmet food gift baskets that are perfect for expressing sympathy. Not only do they provide a much-needed bit of indulgence for a grieving family, they can be used as snacks to feed any mourners before or after a funeral ceremony. 

Their Premier Gourmet Snack Basket comes with everything from brownies to milk chocolate truffle balls, a smoked gouda cheese spread and Italian olives. Priced at $71.99 and available for next-day delivery, this basket is a thoughtful gift to let a loved one know you are thinking of them, even when you can’t be there in person.

Other gourmet gift options include a Decadent Delights hamper, Farmer’s Market Gift Box, and Bon Vivant Gourmet hamper. So, if you’re looking for a gourmet gift basket to send to someone grieving, check out the full and luxurious range of baskets available at FromYouFlowers.

fruit condolence baskets

Same day fruit sympathy basket from SendFlowers

SendFlowers offers some of the best gourmet fruit baskets out there, making them a perfect choice when sending a sympathy hamper.

SendFlowers mixes fresh fruits with luxurious cheeses, nuts, and other goodies, to create decadent gift baskets that look as beautiful as they taste.

Their baskets can also perform a double gesture of condolence - including plant and flower options in their deliveries so that recipients can also enjoy posies of azaleas or a stunning houseplant. SendFlowers sympathy hampers are also convenient for lots of different budgets, with prices ranging from $45 to $145.

Best of all, all fruit baskets come with same day delivery so, if you’re searching for a last-minute food basket delivery for sympathy, look no further than the impressive array of hampers available at SendFlowers. For a full breakdown of SendFlowers, read our comprehensive review of this delivery service here.

Relaxing spa gift basket from 1800Flowers

After losing a loved one, it’s important to be kind to oneself, doing lots of gentle and soothing activities as we grieve. For a more personal gift that will be useful in the days and weeks after a funeral, a spa gift hamper from 1800Flowers might do the trick - helping a friend or loved one to remember to look after themselves, even in a time of despair. 

sympathy spa gift basket

1800Flowers has an array of gift hampers for lots of different occasions, many of which are versatile and can be sent as condolence hampers but the spa gift sets offer an extra bit of TLC and luxury - two things anybody grieving desperately needs in their life. 

Choose from Lavender Spa Sets and Cherry Blossom Hampers, starting from just $39.99. Browse the full range of 1800Flowers basket products here or read a full review of this flower, plant, and gift delivery service here.

Losing someone close to us is an impossibly difficult thing to deal with and it can feel just as hard when trying to support someone dealing with this loss. While a bouquet of flowers, a handwritten note, or a even a gift basket can’t take away this pain, they can do a lot in letting someone know that they aren’t alone in their mourning. So, if you would like a practical and thoughtful way to support a friend in grief, consider one of these gift hamper options above.

A gift for someone in mourning can’t say everything but it still can say a lot.

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