The Best Places to Buy Lily Bouquets

The Best Places to Buy Lily Bouquets

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A bouquet of lilies is a beautiful present that can convey a depth of meaning for almost any occasion. Often considered the best flower to express sympathy at a funeral, the centerpiece of many anniversary arrangements, and a blossom that can symbolize everything from romantic love to purity, friendship, and loyalty, lily flower arrangements are a lovely way to let a loved one know you are thinking of them.

So, if you are looking to say it with flowers and show someone you care with a bunch of lilies, it’s important to find the perfect florist and delivery service that can curate the perfect bouquet for you. 

Where to find these lily flower shops? Just how easy is it to order a lily bouquet delivery? Keep reading to find out!

What to look for when buying a lily bouquet?

Before we give our top recommendations of online flower delivery services offering the best bouquets of fresh lilies, it’s important to know some general tips for spotting a good bouquet.

dusky pink lily bouquets

First of all, you want to try and ensure as quick a delivery time as possible so that your bouquet will remain fresh for longer. Looking for delivery services that offer speedy delivery or try and minimize the time between farm and florist will help to safeguard this. 

Secondly, you want to use a service that offers an array of choice and versatility. Choosing a service that knows how to create lily arrangements with other flowers to create a uniquely special and showstopping masterpiece will ensure your bouquet is of the very best quality and can deliver the biggest impact on a loved one.

And, of course, the affordability of a bouquet is always a priority when buying any flowers online, so shopping around to find the best business offering cheap lilies for delivery, without sacrificing on quality, is important.

The good news is, we’ve already done this work for you to find the best places to buy lily bouquets in the US that offer exceptional choice, fast delivery, and affordable pricing. Without further ado, here’s our guide to some of the best floral delivery services specializing in bouquets of these flowers.

For deluxe lily bouquets: 1800Flowers

For something more indulgent and extravagant, we recommend taking a look at the luscious arrangements available at 1800Flowers. While this floral delivery service offers many inexpensive bouquets, what sets it apart from others are its higher-priced lily arrangements, which are truly decadent and the perfect gift for a special anniversary, employee celebration, or declaration of love. 

1800Flowers is also an expert in crafting lily bouquets that make excellent use of many other flowers, creating a medley of sumptuous blooms that perfectly complement one another. If it’s opulence you seek, you’ll find it with a lily bouquet at 1800Flowers.

Decadent lily flower arrangements

For bouquets with same day delivery: SendFlowers

If you need a last-minute delivery of fresh lilies without spending a small fortune, look no further than SendFlowers. Not only do they have an extensive range of bouquets boasting the full spectrum of lily varieties - from happy yellow blooms to dusky pinks - they can have these crafted arrangements delivered on the same day that you order! Buying lily flowers just got even easier!

Choice, affordability, and expediency - discover it all for yourself by browsing their lily bouquet collection here.

For affordable lily bouquets: FromYouFlowers

For the price conscious, you can’t go wrong with an arrangement from FromYouFlowers. With lily bouquets starting at just $31.99 (many of them also coming with same day delivery) FromYouFlowers is a firm favorite of those on a budget who still don’t want to compromise on quality.

Using the brightest of colors in their arrangements, FromYouFlowers guarantees a wow factor with every delivery. Revel in themed lily bouquets perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving, Easter, Hanukkah and more! Shop the range here.

For a monthly subscription surprise: BloomsyBox

Are you feeling more adventurous? Do you prefer a flower delivery that has a surprise element? If so, you should consider signing up for a BloomsyBox subscription. A flower delivery service dedicated to bringing the freshest and most sustainable blooms straight to your door, BloomsyBox offers weekly, fortnightly, and monthly subscription packages.

Each bouquet that arrives as part of this deal contains the season’s best blooms, meaning you will have the delight of seeing lilies prominently feature from late spring, well into fall time, in a BloomsyBox arrangement. 

Flower subscriptions truly are the gift that keeps on giving - whether that be for a loved one or for yourself. Enjoy lilies and so much more by signing up here.

peace lily plant

Finally, if bouquets aren’t exactly your thing but you want to enjoy the ebullient grace of lilies, why not consider a potted plant? For a longer lasting lily experience, buy a potted peace lily to receive or gift the same elegance of a bouquet but with the added bonus of mood-boosting and air-purifying foliage! has some beautiful options and we’ve even got an easy care guide to help you maintain and grow this plant – it truly couldn’t be easier!

Finding lily bouquets, whether online or in-person at a florists isn’t difficult. In fact, these flowers are so beautiful that they are the crowning glory of almost any bouquet! However, finding the perfect lily bouquet does take a little more savvy. Hopefully this guide has helped you towards finding that one perfect arrangement that will bring joy, love, and happiness into the life of someone you adore (or perhaps just to yourself!)

For more on how to make the most of your lily bouquet and keep your flowers fresh for longer, read our ultimate care guide

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