How to Send Flowers By Mail Shipped in a Gift Box

How to Send Flowers By Mail Shipped in a Gift Box

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Sending flowers to a loved one can be stressful, as you want to ensure they don’t get damaged in the journey. Whether you’re sending roses in the mail or want to send a carefully chosen bouquet of spring blooms, figuring out the best way to mail flowers to someone so that they remain fresh and intact is important. 

While there are lots of flower delivery companies who work with local florists and shops to deliver thoughtful bouquets or balloon arrangements across the country, if you want to send flowers by mail then using a gift box is definitely your best option. 

Why should you send flowers in a gift box?

Not only does sending flowers in a gift box ensure they don’t get damaged in transit, there is something extra special about receiving flowers in a box delivery. It adds an extra element of surprise to sending flowers, as the recipient gets to enjoy opening a mystery box only to be surprised by a stunning array of blossoms inside!

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So, if you want to send flowers by mail safely, then doing so in a gift box is definitely the way to go. Here’s how to go about it. 

The best way to send flowers by mail in a gift box

Sending flowers by post is actually really easy when you choose to do it with an online flower delivery company. They take all the hassle out of choosing the right box and arrangement to mail and are experts in keeping your flowers fresh en route. Going with a company like this also enables you to send flowers by mail to someone in another state, or to have flowers sent from abroad, if you’re based in countries as close as Canada or as far away as the UK.

How to Send Flowers By Mail Shipped in a Gift Box

This means that organizing shipped flowers in a gift box is as easy as ordering a normal bouquet of flowers from a florist. Simply find a delivery company that sends flowers in boxes, choose your preferred bouquet, input the recipient’s address and shipping details and voilá! A specially wrapped arrangement is ready to be sent to their door!

If you don’t know what online florist offers a gift box option, don’t worry. We’ve taken the hassle out of trawling the web looking for the right company to send your delivery and chosen three of our favorites, all of whom specialize in sending flowers in the mail, often straight from the farm. 


BloomsyBox is a subscription delivery service that also sends stunning, once-off bouquet options for anyone looking to surprise a loved one with a glorious arrangement. Ethically sourced and farm-fresh, BloomsyBox’s flowers are hard to beat when it comes to sending seasonal and sustainable blooms that are uniquely arranged by experts. 

As the name suggests, all of their bouquets are mailed in their signature gift boxes. Whether you want to be surprised with a monthly pick-n-mix of the freshest flowers or you’re looking for the perfect bouquet for a special event, BloomsyBox is one of the US’s best companies when it comes to sending flowers in gift boxes. 

For more about BloomsyBox and for a full rundown of their subscription options, read our full review here.


We love the choice and variety of the bouquets that can be sent in gift boxes at ProFlowers. From sensational boutonnieres that will instantly complete every wedding or prom outfit, to multicolored bunches of tulips, lilies, roses, and dahlias, ProFlowers can send stunning floral arrangements in a gift box for affordable prices.

Each bouquet sent in the mail with ProFlowers will also come with a clear vase, adding to the value of the bouquet and offering you a little additional keepsake you can reuse as a home for future bouquets! Shop the full range of ProFlowers options here.


If you want to send a gift box of flowers with a difference, 1800Flowers has the answer with opulent boxes of beautiful eternity roses that will last a year or more. These carefully preserved roses are selected for their size and perfect bloom and are artfully arranged in a decorative hat box in one, two, or three dozen sizes options. Choose from colors of red, pink, or lavender to send. Each color is elegantly complemented by a satin bow tied around your gift box.

Preserved Roses in a Gift Box

1800Flowers’ rose box collection brings true luxury to a loved one’s table. While these are a more expensive option for sending flowers by mail (prices usually start at $175 for a dozen), their long-lasting splendor is worth it for anyone wishing to demonstrate their love and adoration over many seasons.

If you thought sending flowers in the mail meant searching for gift boxes, vases and frantically Googling tricks to keep blooms fresh while being shipped, we hope this article has shown you how easy it is to order a gift box of stunning blooms straight to your door. Take the hassle out of bouquet delivery and go with an expert provider who will ensure your flowers arrive in the mail still looking as fresh and perky as they were when they were picked.

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