Last-Minute Gift Ideas: How Online Flower Delivery Services are Saving the Day

Last-Minute Gift Ideas: How Online Flower Delivery Services are Saving the Day

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Finding a last-minute gift for a loved one can be challenging for several reasons. Wondering what would make the best last-minute birthday gift - a personalized flower arrangement or perhaps a box of chocolates or bunch of balloons - is one dilemma; finding a service provider that is able to provide same- or next-day delivery to ensure your emergency gift gets there in time is another.

Luckily, online flower delivery services - which normally also offer a whole range of emergency gift ideas - are the perfect quick gift solution. Not only do these online flower delivery stores offer a range of specialized gifts for all sorts of occasions but they also are the best when it comes to same-day flower delivery.

So, if you’re stuck and need some last-minute gift ideas, this guide is here to show you how flower delivery services can save the day.

The Benefits of Online Flower Delivery Services for Last-Minute Gifting

Speed and convenience

Perhaps the biggest advantage of online flower delivery stores for the last-minute gifter is their speedy delivery. Ordering online with companies such as FromYouFlowers or 1800Flowers means you can be guaranteed next-day flower delivery or even same-day flower delivery at short notice! 

And speed isn’t just a feature of the delivery process, ordering online with these businesses is equally rapid with an easy purchase process that has your present ordered and on its way with a few simple clicks!

Wide variety of options

The next best thing is the diverse flower selections and customizable arrangements online flower delivery services offer. You can explore a vast catalog of fresh flowers by type, color, or occasion. And, on the rare chance you don’t see something to fit your ideal quick gift solution, you can even customize a bouquet for a personalized flower arrangement. 

Best of all, many providers, such as FTD, offer additional gift options, such as fruit baskets, balloons, and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

chocolate covered strawberries

Personalized touch

To make your last-minute gift idea feel that bit more personal, another benefit of using an online flower delivery service is the addition of personalized messages and cards. Whether it’s a cardalloon or a same-day flower delivery, you can tailor a message or even an arrangement to better fit the recipient’s preferences and ensure a unique, thoughtful gift even in a time crunch.

Reliability and professionalism

The trick to the perfect emergency gift is making sure it looks anything but last-minute! This is another pro of using one of these services who aren’t just reliable when it comes to speedy deliveries using trustworthy delivery partners, but also dependable on quality. 

Working with local florist partners and professional suppliers, online flower delivery services can be guaranteed to provide fresh and high-quality flowers that make your last-minute anniversary gift appear thought-out and planned far in advance!

surprise flowers


If you’ve got a forgotten or last-minute birthday crisis on your hand, online flower delivery services are your friend! Pretty much every online provider has a dedicated birthday section to make finding the perfect birthday flowers easy and quick. 

Be sure to try and choose an arrangement in the recipient’s favorite color, featuring their favorite blooms or, for a really personal touch, you can even order an arrangement of their birth month flower. Check out our guide to birth month flowers here.


Anniversaries have a tendency to creep up on us and forgetting this special day is almost as much a tradition as the anniversary itself. Luckily, choosing romantic flower arrangements that come with next-day delivery is made easy with online flower delivery services. 1800Flowers, for example, offers myriad love and anniversary-themed bouquets, as well as an impressive collection of classic rose bouquets. Expressing love and appreciation in a pinch has never been so easy!


Celebrating achievements on short notice is tricky, which is why same-day flower delivery for a graduation surprise can save the day! Flowers are the perfect graduation gift, particularly purple blooms which signify wisdom, ambition, and achievement. Of course, a bright bouquet of yellow flowers is another winning graduation arrangement to reflect the joy and happiness of the occasion.

SendFlowers specializes in these cheery graduation bouquets that aren’t just great value, they also come with same-day delivery options!

graduation flowers


Saying sorry isn’t always easy but saying it with flowers can make it that bit easier. Mending relationships with a thoughtful gesture is important and for an emergency apology gesture, an online flower delivery service has the quick gift solution you need.

Flowers are often the best way to apologize and it’s crucial to find the right “I’m sorry” bouquet for the occasion. To do this, go with gentle colors such as whites and pastels and be sure to choose an arrangement with the recipient’s favorite flowers to add a personal and extra-thoughtful touch.

BloomsyBox, with sustainably-sourced, farm-fresh flowers is difficult to beat for its lavish and unique arrangements.

Tips for Choosing the Right Online Flower Delivery Service

At this stage, you might be convinced of the value of using an online flower delivery service but still aren’t sure how to find the right one for you. Worry not! Here’s some tips to make the process even easier. 

Factors to consider when selecting a service

Firstly, consider the service’s delivery speed and coverage. If you need an emergency gift with immediate delivery, make sure the company you’re looking at has next-day delivery options, or even same-day delivery if you get really lucky! Read the fine print to make sure you don’t miss any cut-off times or hidden costs that might apply.

As important as the speedy delivery of a last-minute gift is its quality. You don’t want to compromise on value so be sure you’re happy with the variety and quality of products and flowers a company offers before purchasing. One way to guarantee you’re choosing a high-quality service is to read customer reviews to ensure the bouquet or last-minute gift you’re buying is exactly as it appears online. 

Recommendations for reputable online flower delivery services

The good news is that there are so many flower delivery services with quick gift solutions that shopping around for the best value and fastest delivery is easy! However, having scouted around for the most reputable online companies in the US, here’s our recommendations for fast, affordable, and thoughtful emergency gift ideas and personalized flower arrangements.

For variety, it’s got to be the impressive catalog of Teleflora. For affordability, we love SendFlowers and FromYouFlowers. For fast delivery, 1800Flowers’ same- and next-day delivery options are so extensive you’ll struggle to choose from all their bouquets!


In conclusion, using online flower delivery services for last-minute gifting is perfect for anyone needing an emergency surprise that can say anything from ‘I love you!’ to ‘Congratulations!’ or even, ‘I’m sorry’. The next time you find yourself in a present pickle, be sure to consider these services who can save you and delight a loved one, all with a few clicks from the comfort of your own home!

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