The Best Flower Delivery for Sweetest Day

The Best Flower Delivery for Sweetest Day

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With Sweetest Day only around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to discover the best flower delivery options to help you celebrate this national holiday of love, kindness, and generosity.

Want to know where to find the best Sweetest Day floral arrangement for a friend, co-worker or loved one? Keep reading - here’s the ultimate breakdown to the best flower and other gift delivery options to make this holiday as sweet as possible.

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What is Sweetest Day?

First things first, what is this holiday and why do we celebrate it?

Sweetest Day began in 1921 when 12 confectioners in Ohio gave out 20,000 boxes of chocolate to disadvantaged people who were generally elderly, trapped in poverty, sick, or orphaned children. They wanted to have a national day that celebrated not just candy deliveries but also acts of kindness.

This tradition is still going today and gift deliveries of candy, flowers, and other tokens remain hugely popular in places like Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. However, using an online flower delivery service, you can celebrate this holiday wherever you are! 

Chocolate Boxes on Sweetest Day

When is Sweetest Day?

Sweetest Day is celebrated every year on the third Saturday of October. That means that this year, Sweetest Day falls on October 15.

Best Sweetest Day flowers ideas

The best floral arrangements for delivery on Sweetest Day will of course depend on who you want to send your flower delivery to. Is it a friend? A romantic partner? A colleague going through a hard time? Or maybe a family member in hospital who could use the delivery of some thoughtful flowers to cheer them up. 

If you’re sending flowers to a platonic friend, consider Sweetest Day bouquets that favor pink, yellow, or orange blooms. Pink-colored flowers denote affection, admiration, harmony, kindness, and love. They also symbolize femininity, making them the perfect flower delivery to surprise your girlfriends with on this holiday. 

1800Flowers has an amazing range of pink-themed bouquets - we particularly love their Always on My Mind and Elegant Blush bouquets for this holiday. Best of all, 1800Flowers offers same-day delivery when ordered in time, making them one of the most reliable flower delivery services on Sweetest Day.

Yellow flowers are the perfect gift for a friendship flower delivery as the meaning of yellow flowers is deeply rooted in platonic friendship. Bright sunshine blooms - like the Golden Delight Yellow Lily Bouquet SendFlowers offers - are typically associated with demonstrating happiness in a friendship and are used to strengthen ties between friends. What could be a more perfect gift for a burgeoning friendship in your life on this national day of kindness and generosity?

Yellow bouquets make for a great Sweetest Day gift

Yellow blooms also make some of the best Sweetest Day flowers as their cheerful color are ideal for cheering up someone who is feeling down.  A symbol of the sun’s warmth, yellow flowers are perfect for wishing someone who is ill, grieving, or going through a period of sadness, a speedy recovery. And as this is a central part of Sweetest Day - spreading kindness, joy, and love to those who need it - add yellow blooms to your floral arrangement for a thoughtful and uplifting gift delivery.

Of course, don’t be afraid to get creative with your gifts! 

If your intended doesn’t like flowers, remember there are other delivery options that can still make them feel loved and special on this day of sweetness. Consider gifting them a lovingly-nurtured houseplant from LivelyRoot or staying true to this occasion’s origins as a candy holiday and sending them a candy gift basket from the extensive range at FromYouFlowers. Their ‘Everyone’s Favorite Candy Basket’ even has same-day delivery - the perfect last-minute gift!

Sweetest Day delivery gifts for her

While one of the best things about this holiday is that it gives platonic friends the excuse to surprise each other with a spontaneous flower delivery, it can of course be yet another holiday for couples to express their love with flowers and other gift deliveries. 

To treat the woman in your life to a romantic gift on Sweetest Day, stay classic and simple with a flower delivery of roses in shades of passionate red or affectionate pink.

Follow the principle of Valentine’s Day and choose gifts that signify love, romance, and commitment for this sweetest holiday. A personal delivery of a box of chocolates or candy, beautiful Sweetest Day flowers, and a thoughtful note are the perfect gifts to make your partner feel special.

Sweetest Day delivery gifts for him

Trying to find the perfect Sweetest Day delivery for your male partner can seem tricky. After all, what kind of flowers do you give a man

The answer is surprisingly simple. Choose bouquets with bold and bright colors (steer clear of pastels). Men also love flowers with strong structural shapes that are large and eye-catching

To meet both of these needs with a Sweetest Day flower delivery guaranteed to blow his mind, choose bouquets that feature maroons, purples, and deep reds or flower varieties like sunflowers, tulips, orchids, or birds of paradise. has the perfect plant gift for him

Don’t forget that Sweetest Day isn’t a flower holiday so you can always surprise the special man in your life with a non-floral gift delivery. What about choosing a delivery service that offers something longer-lasting than a bouquet of flowers? is the perfect online plant delivery store to meet all of your Sweetest Day gift needs. With an incredible selection of indoor and outdoor plants - from easy to care for cacti to the best low-maintenance tropical plants - can ensure your Sweetest Day this year is one to remember.

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