What Flowers to Get When a Pet Dies?

What Flowers to Get When a Pet Dies?

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According to YouGov, over two-thirds ofAmericans have at least one pet in their home. And these furry additions - of which most are dogs and cats - are so much more than another creature in our homes. They’re a friend, a comfort, and an integral member of the family. In fact, according to the same research, 88% of American pet owners say they consider their pets to be members of their family and over half like to buy their furry and feathered friends presents during holiday seasons.

With many people feeling so closely connected to their pets, losing a beloved animal is much like losing a close friend or family member to many people. Which means that, when it comes to showing sympathy, our response for pet loss should be the same. Sending a thoughtful condolence card or a pet sympathy flower arrangement can mean the world to someone grieving their pet. So, with that in mind, here’s the best pet sympathy flowers to get for someone who’s recently lost a beloved pet. 

pet dies flowers

Should I send sympathy flowers for pet loss?

It might seem strange but yes, you can send flowers for a dead pet. If you’ve ever grown up with a dog, cat, bird, or fish that is precious to you, you know how devastating the loss can be. Therefore, a simple show of sympathy with a beautiful arrangement of flowers can go above and beyond for someone experiencing grief. In fact, many of the traditions we have for gift giving for humans can be applied to the pet world: a condolence card or sympathy gift basket is also a nice gift idea.

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What are the best flowers for someone grieving the loss of a pet?

So, knowing you can send flowers for pet loss, what flowers should you send? There are a couple of factors to think about to answer this question. The first is, what kind of pet are you honoring with a sympathy bouquet? Seeing as most people have dogs or cats as their pets, we’ll go into depth about the best cat and dog loss flowers below. However, for more general pet memorial flowers, here’s some tips to follow to ensure you choose the most thoughtful flowers.

Make it personal

Think of the pet that has been lost and the kind of bond it had with your loved one. Was it a playful pet who was very active? If so, you might want to choose a vibrant bouquet with flowers that reflect this vivacity and personality. Was it a docile, very timid animal with a gentle nature? If so, choosing pastel colors and flowers like orchids, that represent elegance and loyalty, are a good idea.

As well as thinking about the characteristics of the pet, it’s also good to consider the owner and their likes and dislikes. Do they like big, showy bouquets of flowers? If so, a classic funeral and sympathy arrangement featuring lots of lilies is sure to make them feel better. Do they prefer houseplants over cut flowers? If so, you can always send a sympathy plant which can be a beautiful, long-lasting legacy of the animal being mourned. Plants are available for delivery from many large online flower shops like Teleflora and 1800Flowers to make ordering them even easier!

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The best flowers for dog loss

For dog owners grieving their pet, flowers that focus on loyalty - the trait most synonymous with these animals - is a good option. Dogs are also known for their eternal and unconditional love, as well as their cheery nature, so blooms that reflect these qualities are a good gift for an owner. 

hyacinth bouquet for dog loss

Hyacinths, chrysanthemums, daisies, bluebells, sunflowers, and violets are all good flowers to use in a sympathy bouquet for a dog. Choosing pale variations with a largely white palette is also a good idea for a sympathy arrangement. 

Best of all, many of these flowers - particularly bluebells, daisies, and violets - can have a deeper resonance, symbolizing many nature walks through bluebell woods or daisy-covered hedgerows with the beloved pet. 

FTD has lots of arrangements that incorporate these flowers in a beautiful sympathy display.

Sympathy flowers for a pet cat 

Over half of cat owners have more than one cat and so one thing you need to consider when sending flowers for a dead pet cat is the presence of other pets in the household. If there are more cats in the house, you will need to make sure your arrangement is non-toxic and safe for them. 

Therefore, while popular sympathy flowers include lilies, tulips, azaleas, and chrysanthemums, these aren’t pet-friendly and therefore can’t be used in a condolences arrangement.

Instead, given that pet cats are generally known for their poise, independence, and elegance, consider pet-safe blooms such as orchids, roses, snapdragons, and asters.

Sending these to a cat parent grieving is sure to bring a wistful smile to their day.

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