5 Best Summer Flowers to Brighten Up Your Home

5 Best Summer Flowers to Brighten Up Your Home

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Marigolds, zinnias, daisies, roses, sunflowers - the list of beautiful and bright summer flowers is almost endless! Mirroring this season of vibrancy, warmth, and sunshine with their showy petals and vivacious colors, summer flowers are amongst the most beautiful blooms out there and are showstoppers in any summer flower arrangement.

We here at TopFlowerDelivery are big believers in using seasonal flowers, with all of the flower symbolism and meanings they hold, to brighten up your homes. In this guide, we’re focusing specifically on the best summer flowers that can brighten your dining room, living space, or even your office with their cheerful blossoms or symbolic flower meanings.

Understanding the Significance of Seasonal Flowers

The Benefits of Seasonal Flowers

Just like food, choosing seasonal flowers is so much better when it comes to ensuring quality produce that is fresh and has a lower carbon footprint. This is because seasonal flowers are easily sourced, travel shorter distances and are freshly picked while still budding. This is opposed to flowers grown out of season which have to be imported and can spend a long time in transit, diminishing their freshness. 

seasonal flowers

Choosing an online flower delivery service like Bloomsybox is another way to make your fresh flowers for summer even more environmentally friendly. BloomsyBox specializes in subscription packages that champion seasonal and sustainable flowers so not only will your blooms be super fresh on delivery, they will also come in minimal packaging that is eco-friendly, plastic-free, and recyclable. 

Coming directly from verified farms to your table, Bloomsybox is one of the best choices for a summer flower arrangement and a great option if you want eco-friendly flowers. Read our full review of this online flower delivery company here.

Want to know more about the benefits of using a subscription service for regular flowers for home decor? We’ve got you! Here’s our Comprehensive Guide to Flower Subscription Services: What You Need to Know.

Top 5 Summer Flowers for Your Home

So which are the best summer flowers to look out for when choosing your summer flower arrangement and why? Here’s our top 5, chosen for their beauty, long-lasting powers, and important flower meanings.

1. Sunflowers

How could we keep sunflowers off this list when they are the epitome of summer sunshine and happiness? This flower’s symbolism is grounded in ideas of happiness, loyalty, and adoration in the language of flowers - the perfect energy to have in your indoor flower bouquet for summer.

Unsurprisingly, sunflowers’ meanings of cheerfulness and contentment have made them a firm favorite in the US and are one of the country’s most popular flowers for celebrating friendship. 

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To get the most from sunflowers, keep them out of direct sunlight when displaying them indoors. Once cut, these summer flowers do best in bright, indirect light and an area without drafts. For more flower care tips to make your fresh-cut indoor flowers for summer last longer, click here.

Teleflora has a delightful selection of these bright summer flowers - shop their range here.

2. Roses

While roses make great outdoor flowers for summer and can create a stunning garden display with bursts of bright color amongst rose bushes, roses are also amazing indoor flowers for summer time. 

As one of the most cultivated summer flowers, there are so many rose varieties to choose from for your indoor summer flower arrangements. This is why they make such wonderful flowers for home decor! However, some of the most popular varieties that you are likely to see on online flower delivery websites are hybrid tea roses, grandiflora, and floribunda varieties. 

Hybrid tea and grandiflora are known for their long stems and wide flowers, which makes them perfect for summer flower arrangements, while floribunda are smaller, shorter blooms that are ideal as bouquet fillers or for smaller vase arrangements.

long-stemmed roses

Coming in so many colors, we recommend matching your seasonal roses to the color theme in a particular room. If mixing in a bouquet with other blooms, choose smaller, filler flowers if using grandiflora varieties to ensure this rose is allowed to be the showstopper it was created to be. If you want another flower to be the central feature - like a sunflower or lily perhaps - opt for floribunda or other smaller roses.

Roses can also be considered eco-friendly or sustainable flowers as you can press or dry them after you have finished with them in your summer flower arrangement. That way, you can get even more use out of them as a lasting piece of your floral home decor, framing them as a pressed piece or hanging them in a dried flower arrangement.

For flower care tips on pressing flowers, click here.

3. Zinnias

Zinnias are so vibrantly beautiful that they work well as a standalone summer flower arrangement - no other blooms required! Putting one stem into a small milk bottle or petite vase (with the leaves stripped) can make for a sweet and rustic bedside table display, or a cheering addition to a kitchen window sill or bathroom ledge.

Coming in a kaleidoscope of colors from purple to orange, green to red, yellow, pink, and even shades in between, zinnia flowers’ meanings range from ​​friendship, endurance, daily remembrance, goodness, and lasting affection.

4. Marigolds

Marigolds have globe-shaped blossoms that resemble daisies or carnations in appearance. They are similar to a lion’s mane given their fiery coloring and are a great way to brighten up rooms that might be lacking a sense of life or vivaciousness like an office or study. With a homely feel, they also make a great centerpiece for a kitchen table or window sill.

Once symbols of grief and despair in Victorian times and remaining the anointed Flower of the Dead in Mexican culture, marigolds, with their cheery colors of yellow, orange, and red, are equally symbols of the sun and its power to resurrect so placing them in areas that need a bit of added sunshine is the perfect way to use these flowers for home decor.


5. Daisies

Shasta daisies are the classic variety with the yellow center and dainty white petals that also happen to be the birth flower for April. These are beautiful outdoor flowers for summer, but can also be brought indoors and used as flowers for home decor. Given their cottagecore and rustic appearance, a good way to incorporate them into your home decor would be to put them in dainty jam jars and vintage vases and place them in small arrangements on bedside tables, chests of drawers, and side tables around the home. 

Other popular summer daisies are of course the gerbera, which is a bold and bright variety of daisy and would work well in bigger summer flower arrangements. Consider them as part of a centerpiece for a kitchen table or perhaps as a living room bouquet - FromYouFlowers offers an excellent amount of bouquet choices that champion gerbera daisies.

Black eyed Susan daisies are also exceptional cut seasonal flowers that are almost sunflower-like in appearance. Therefore, be sure to put them in places that could do with some sunny TLC.

Care Tips for Your Summer Flowers

If using an online flower delivery service to purchase seasonal flowers, you’ll be spoiled for flower care tips on most websites. 1800Flowers and ProFlowers are two examples of online flower delivery services who provide plenty of information on how to care for your best summer flowers so you can get the most out of your indoor flowers for summer.

In general, make sure your flowers have enough water, are out of direct sunlight and regularly check for signs of heat damage. This is essential to getting the most out of your arrangements! For more flower care tips to ensure fresh flowers for summer, read our full summer care guide here.


There you have it! Five of the best summer flowers that bring the heady perfume, vivacious color and infectious warmth of this glorious season into your home. 

Don’t forget that the easiest way to have indoor flowers for summer entertaining is to use an online flower delivery service. Save time and money without sacrificing on freshness or quality with these straightforward and affordable online florists (be sure to check out the ones we’ve referenced in this post!)

Finally, we’d love to hear your thoughts - what are your favorite summer flowers? How do you like to arrange them? What are your top flower care tips? Let us know!

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