Seasonal Blooms: A Guide to the Best Flowers for Each Season and How to Order Them Online

Seasonal Blooms: A Guide to the Best Flowers for Each Season and How to Order Them Online

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Is there anything more beautiful than seasonal flowers? At their freshest and most vibrant, they represent the very best parts of each season, whether it’s the flaming heat of summer, or the delicate nature of quiet winter.

There are many benefits of choosing seasonal flower arrangements. They are easier for florists to source, meaning they are both fresher and have a lower carbon footprint, as they have been locally grown. They also are a wonderful way to bring the outdoors into your home or office, so that you can experience the seasons without even needing to step outside your front door!

To help you choose the best flowers by season, this guide will take you through the best seasonal flowers and how to order them online. Keep reading to find out more!

Spring Flowers: Blooms That Symbolize Rebirth and Renewal


Tulips have long been universally accepted as a quintessential spring flower. In fact, it’s one of the top 5 most popular flowers in the US. Symbolizing new beginnings and deep love, tulips in almost any color or variety are sure to represent the very best of springtime


When it comes to choosing the perfect color or type of tulip for a spring-themed seasonal flower arrangement, bright, pastel colors are hard to beat. The yellow ‘Strong Gold’ tulip is by far the most popular variety and perfect as a spring flower. Green, pink, and orange tulips are all also wonderful additions to a bouquet. 

You won’t have trouble ordering these flowers online come springtime. In fact, the best advice we can give you is to shop around to ensure you get the best and freshest deal. FromYouFlowers’ tulip range is sumptuous while ProFlowers sells tulip bulb gardens that arrive as pre-rooted bulbs and sprouts and then grow into a gorgeous flowering garden.


One of the season’s earliest and brightest flowers, of course daffodils should feature in any spring flower guide. Representing rebirth and new beginnings, these perennial blooms can be their own seasonal flower arrangement so joyous and uplifting are daffodil flowers. 

Yellow trumpet daffodils are typically the most popular variety of this flower. However, there are lots of different types to choose from when ordering these flowers online - from Butterfly to Miniature and Double daffodils - so be sure to do your research to make sure you choose the perfect variety for your home.

Summer Flowers: Blooms That Celebrate Warmth and Abundance


What flower can better represent warmth and abundance than a sunflower? Given this summer flower’s symbolism as a food and medicinal crop in Indigenous American culture, abundance will be the theme of any online flower delivery featuring these bright and bold blooms.

Sunflowers work well as the main focus of a seasonal flower arrangement. When ordering flowers online, try choosing a bouquet that intersperses these dramatic flowers with other, smaller blooms such as daisies and snapdragons. FTD’s ‘Hello Sunshine’ bouquet is perfect for this. 

summer roses


The heady smell of roses is the perfume of summer love and laziness. Roses, as with their abundant varieties also carry abundant symbolism. However, their luxuriousness has historically meant one thing: love

The important thing to consider when ordering an online flower delivery of roses is who they are for. Red roses denote passionate romantic love while yellow roses are often considered a friendship flower so be sure you choose the right summer flower to say what you mean!

For year-long roses, don’t forget you can get preserved and eternal roses with online delivery companies like 1800Flowers. For more, check out our guide to long-lasting flowers here.

Autumn Flowers: Blooms That Embrace the Richness and Warmth of Fall


With effusive colors and bold petals, dahlias are an ideal autumn flower to brighten any living space. In the floriography of the Victorian Era, dahlias were extremely popular symbols of eternal devotion and committed love between two people. This symbolism holds true today and so these are a great flower to warm the cockles of a loved one’s heart as the weather begins to cool.

BloomsyBox is an online flower delivery service that specializes in seasonal subscription packages so, whether you choose a one-off seasonal flower arrangement from their bespoke catalog or want to enjoy the delight of a monthly surprise, you can be sure to find farm-fresh dahlias peeking out from their autumnal offerings.

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If you want to capture the strange balance between life and death that fall symbolizes, then marigolds are the perfect autumn flower. Once symbols of grief and despair in Victorian times and remaining the anointed Flower of the Dead in Mexican culture, marigolds, with their cheery colors of yellow, orange, and red, are equally symbols of the sun and its power to resurrect. Thus, they are a great way to encapsulate the paradox that autumn represents: a mourning for the life lost at the end of summer, and a blazing emblem of hope and joy to carry forward into winter.

When ordering these autumn flowers online, be sure to choose an arrangement that enhances their bold and warm colors.

Winter Flowers: Blooms That Bring Joy and Warmth to Cold Days


Often considered one of the best Christmas bulb flowers, amaryllis isn’t just one of the easiest plants to grow indoors, it packs a visual punch of sensationally-colored flowers that are long-lasting and the perfect antidote to winter blues.

Thus, you can choose to purchase an amaryllis plant - like the festively red offerings at Teleflora - that stands alone as a truly perfect winter flower. Or you can find added joy by growing amaryllis from bulbs and watching them rebloom year on year. Here’s the guide to show you just how simple this can be. 



Nothing says Christmas quite like the ruby red blooms of a poinsettia plant. Signifying good will and community spirit, there couldn’t be a better winter flower to give to a friend or to bring into your home to enhance a spirit of togetherness. 

Rather than tucking this plant into a seasonal bouquet, we recommend making poinsettia an arrangement in itself. The deep colors and dramatic leaves of this plant make it ideal for a festive centerpiece on a dining table or even as a way to bring warming cheer to your living room in the depths of January. LivelyRoot is a fantastic online plant delivery store that offers beautiful poinsettia plants for delivery.

How to get the most from your seasonal flower arrangements.

Don’t forget that to ensure you order the best flowers by season online, choose services with fast delivery and great customer reviews. As important as the online flower delivery service you choose, is how you look after your seasonal flowers on arrival. 

Did you know there is lots you can do to get the most from fresh-cut flowers and make sure they last longer? Here’s an easy how-to guide to keep your beautiful blooms fresh and bright.

Seasonal flowers truly are a joyful addition to any home. Hopefully, this guide has shown you how easy it is to find them online and how much they can add to any living space!

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