Celebrate Special Summer Occasions with Flower Delivery

Celebrate Special Summer Occasions with Flower Delivery

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Laughter and a sense of celebration feel contagious in the summer - there’s always a get-together in someone’s garden, a wedding, or a graduation to look forward to. And nothing highlights this feeling of celebration quite like a summer bloom delivery.

Flowers play an important role in marking and augmenting important occasions. They brighten up a space with showy blooms and vibrantly-colored petals, they represent important emotions like love, devotion, and commitment, and they are the perfect ornament or accessory for a dining room table or prom date.

So if you’ve a summer celebration planned and are looking for occasion flowers, look no further! This is the guide to tell you the best flowers for summer parties, the perfect summer wedding flowers, what bouquets and flowers are best for graduations and so much more! Keep reading to have all your summer bloom delivery questions answered!

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Why Flowers are Perfect for Summer Celebrations

The Symbolism of Flowers

Flowers’ symbolism and the meanings they can communicate between sender and receiver dates back centuries. In Victorian times, flowers took on their own form of language, known as floriography. The symbolic power of flowers could be used to convey every emotion possible from undying romantic love, to faithful friendship, remorse, sympathy, and even waning affections.

Flowers’ symbolism remains almost as strong today, with occasion flowers underpinning most major life events from funerals to Valentine’s Day, weddings to the birth of a new baby, and beyond. Choosing the right flowers for your occasion can create an atmosphere of love, happiness, and warmth - everything you want from a celebration with flowers!

The Visual Appeal of Flowers

The best summer flowers are the ones that aren’t just symbolic but also decorative. A seasonal flower delivery has the power to add life, vitality, and color, enhancing and encouraging the atmosphere and warmth a host wants to create. 

And summer flowers are some of the most visually appealing out there! Think outrageous ranunculus, standout peonies, warming sunflowers and, of course, the luxury flower delivery of a bouquet of roses like the long-stemmed beauties at Rose Farmers. What could be better summer wedding flowers!

Key Summer Celebrations and Suitable Flower Choices

Given the good weather and the end of school and college, summer celebrations are abundant with many people choosing to get married at this time of year or just have all of their friends over for a relaxed summer garden party. Whatever the occasion, here’s the flowers for events you’re most likely to be attending this summer.

Graduation Celebrations

Summer is the season of graduations and finding gifts for this occasion can feel tricky. Except it’s not because flowers for graduations are the perfect present and way to express your pride in a loved one’s academic achievement.

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When choosing flowers for graduation gifts and other similar summer celebrations, here’s some things to consider. Firstly, color choice is important. Purple has always been a color associated with royalty, knowledge, power, achievement and nobility and so is often chosen for graduation bouquets. White, representing purity, rebirth, and new beginnings is also a good choice for flowers for graduation. 

When it comes to flower types, calla lilies, symbolizing transition and growth, are a great choice for graduation flowers. Again, we recommend purple or white varieties.

Dahlias were symbols of commitment in Victorian times and today have connotations of inner strength which makes them the perfect summer bloom delivery for a graduating student! 

Summer Weddings

The choice when it comes to summer wedding flowers is extensive and entirely depends on your theme, budget, and personal style. 

For classic summer wedding flowers, you might want to stick to white and pastel color palettes with classic flower types such as roses (one of the best summer flowers) or lilies. However, gardenias are also a great choice for an elegant wedding. Working well for boutonnieres or as the centerpiece of a delicate bouquet, gardenias should be a feature of your luxury flower delivery for a summer wedding. 

For a more relaxed summer wedding, flowers such as freesias, cornflowers, and hydrangeas are all great choices. Coming in a variety of colors, each of these flowers can be used to make your wedding flowers that little bit more personal, with bolder color choices or a simple, rustic look. 

Garden Parties

When recommending flowers for summer parties, our number one tip is to look at what you already have in your backyard. That is to say, the best flowers for garden parties are usually the summer flowers you have in your garden! 

Lavender, dahlias, zinnias, roses, sunflowers, marigolds, hydrangeas, peonies, petunias, begonias, ranunculus - all of these are stunning summer perennials you will find in seasonal flower deliveries but also in your raised beds! Picking some fresh cut flowers that you scatter in small vases and jam jars on your outdoor dining tables is the perfect way to create a rustic but affecting summer flower arrangement that mirrors the jovial and relaxed atmosphere of an outdoor summer gathering. 

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If you cannot grow these seasonal flowers in your garden, order them from an online flower delivery service. BloomsyBox is a wonderful choice for fresh flower deliveries focusing on seasonal produce, while the extensive range of affordable bouquets at FromYouFlowers will leave you speechless.

If it’s a luxury flower delivery you’re after for a truly special garden party, ProFlowers’ range of occasion flowers will more than fit the bill.

Benefits of Using Flower Delivery Services for Celebrations

While we would all love to have a fresh flower delivery from our gardens all summer long, that’s not feasible for most of us. This is why using online flower delivery services to source summer flower arrangements for all kinds of occasions is such a lifesaver. 

Ordering flowers online is quick, cost-effective and often comes with same day flower delivery to take all the stress of your summer celebration. Here’s more reasons you should consider ordering flowers online the next time you need summer flowers for events.

Convenience of Delivery

The ease and convenience of getting flowers delivered right to your doorstep cannot be understated. Whether it’s a last-minute birthday flower delivery or special flowers for graduation you need, online florists can have a bespoke summer flower arrangement at your doorstep exactly when you want it.

There’s already so much running around in summertime, who needs the hassle of going to get flowers as well? 

Freshness and Quality

Secondly, as experts in same-day flower delivery, online flower delivery services provide only the freshest flowers for events. This is particularly important in summertime when heat can dramatically impact the quality and freshness of summer blooms. 

Therefore, celebrations with flowers are made better by using an online provider as they ensure their bouquets are delivered while at their freshest so you can get the most out of them.

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From adding important symbolism and visual appeal to making someone feel extra special on their big day, including flowers in summer celebrations is always a good idea. And, to do so using a flower delivery service is even better!

So, whether you’re hosting a family garden party, have a summer wedding coming up, or maybe just want to enjoy some seasonal blooms at home, don’t hesitate! Order your summer flower arrangements online today!

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